Bruce Lee Head (Dokey Man)

Ay, b*t*h
I know I got problems, b*t*h
Two Glocks i got options
That lil hoe, man she ain't poppin'
30 turned him into Waka Flocka
30 make him shake his dreads
That n***a want me, he the feds
I don't wanna shake his hand, I don't wanna know that man
When I pop out with that .30, they like "What the f**k he doin' ?"
When I pull so goddamn fast
Make sure all the grams there so I can rob for your grams
I will rob a n***a out the blue and rob him with no hands
I'm like "Uh-uh lil mama, back up, you a fed"
If i up this bih then on my head, it blows like a fan
They tried to ban me off of YouTube (RXK)
I'ma walk out in that b*t*h real quiet (LIKE RXK)
So many 30s me and Pap matched
So many 30s on me, I need a {?]
You know that that's my home if I leave my hat
Dat not my b*t*h, she let me leave the house without the strap
I f**k that b*t*h two times, three times, four times, five times from the back
I keep on coming back to back to back to back to back
I look like Snoop Dogg in a tanktop
I look like Famous Dex with the famous {?]
I feel like [?] Davis, kicking b*t*hes out the Hummer
I feel like OJ Juiceman, 32s on hummers
I might go out like I'm Patman, put a Cartier on my eye
I'ma walk in like I'm Chief Keef, macaroni time
I'm like "B*t*h, you know what this sh*t costs? You know what it costs?"
I'ma smoke on that Newport till that sh*t gone
They like "Neph, you need to turn up, you on that lazy sh*t"
I'm like "Hoe, b*t*h, what you talk about, watch ya lip"
Make a b*t*h sh*t on they self like they Lil Reese
I'm sh*tting out hallow points, I ain't Lil Reese
Catch a opp, shoot his a** in the neck like Lil Reese
Shoot me in my neck, I stay alive like I'm Lil Reese
She think I sound like Barry White but b*t*h this Lil Baby
It's Texas time, she got her stomach out with her t**ties
Next album, I'ma rap about doing coke
My manager told me "Stop rapping like this"
My new manager, he Pap and he talkin' sh*t
I'm like "Pap, book a show", he like "we gon book a b*t*h"
I look like [?] when I walk in
Based God
Pap buyin' Margielas
Based God
Uh, uh, hat
Takeoff ! Disney dumber than Takeoff !
Hell nah !
Back to back to back to back to back !