The Balling Family
Baby like “How long you been balling?”
I’m like “Girl if ye ain’t know b*t*h my name Been Balling” (Been Balling)
Broke n***a talkin’ bout “Where it’s at?” broke n***a I can’t call it (Been Balling)
Bout to put a skirt on a Audi that b*t*h look like my daughter *YEEOW*
She like “Neph, where the hell you been? Cuz you ain’t been callin’ my phone” (Been Balling)
I’m like “B*t*h I been balling, b*t*h, I’m grown” (Mr. Been Balling)
She like “How you Been Balling? I thought chu was Too Tuff Tone” (swoosh)
I’m like baby Too Tuff Tone Been Balling all along (dunk on yo a**)
Baby I ain’t gotta talk cause my chain gon’ say it all (3-pointer)
I ain’t gotta brag bout’ my money cause my swag say it all (free throw)
Been Balling pull up in some sh*t, b*t*h you know that it cost (Been Balling)
B*t*h still ballin’ You can call me still, I steal it ion like the cost (break yo f**king ankles)
She like “Neph, you way realer than them other n***as you too real for em” (Been Balling)
Them n***as ain’t like me but I still extend my hand and kill for em *GGLLIT*
Baby I was just broke couple month ago, till I got a plan (I wasn’t balling)
Had to sell the rings off my fingers tryna go get a couple grams (I’m still balling)
Then I double back with that *BLING BURR*
I look like (?) out 1017
I used to think bout this sh*t in jail on my bed and a bean
I used to dream bout this sh*t b*t*h my neck dancin’
Jabawockee on my left wrist that b*t*h dancin’ (Been Balling)
Auntie always believe in me, said I’m handsome
She like “Gon’ head cough that dope up, stop holding it for ransom” *Muah*
Bae like “When you coming to town?” *YEEOW*
Dark skin Chris Brown I might hit it another round (Been Balling)
Yung Joc in this b*t*h with the dope baby girl going down
Whole city going crazy when they heard Tuff Tone came to town (Been Balling)
She like “Quit playing. You got a girl, who the hell you be rappin’ bout?”
I’m like “When I’m talkin’ bout beating that b*t*h it’s the cocaine I’m talkin’ bout”
I’m the #1 trapper you can ask my grandma when she first found out
I did this all on my own, what the hell they hatin’ bout?
Been Balling, Been Ballin B*t*h *YUH* Been Balling
Mr. Been Still Balling, Mr. Been-Still-Balling
Been Balling, Yeah, Yeah, Been Balling, Been Balling
B*t*h, Mr Been Balling, B*t*h