Dot Rotten
Me Against You
[Intro: Dot Rotten]
Ah, man
You wanna clash, fam?
Ah, fuck it, me against you, init
I'm ready, I've got my bars here, init
You say it
You first, init

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
He ain't ready for this war
I'm jigsaw, I might run up in a cemetery with a shovel
I'mma never dig my own grave, but I'll dig yours
Kick yours, I'll kick doors and I'll kick your
Run up all six floors
I've got ten reasons why I should fuck you up
You little pussy
And my n***a Dot's got six more
OK, [?] what'd you blink for?
Nobody's safe indoors, what'd you think, you're
Living in the Pentagon?
Then again, I don't think you're thinking
Manaman have been stripped for limping
What'd you think, you're different?
What'd you think, I can't get to you if you're distant?
If you're the king, I'll run up inna your kingdom (dead him on sight)
[Verse 2: Dot Rotten]
Though we're getting involved in thugmatics
It's a bloodbath, with the machete, I cut arms
Shredding up garms, come to your yard and blood splattered
Lungs severed, you'll be having a laugh with blunt daggers
Can't gas if I swerve [?]
Like I sent a bullet at you the size of one planet
No joke, you'll get smoked like your mum's herring
Some greazy Houdini, then your son vanished
Um, and I'll be spitting it like a young mavice
Having fun rapping from day one, I done Cassius
I'm bragging, telling your girl to come Paris
One flight, banging her for one night, then I'm dashing
I'm massive, saying my name like I'm clashing
Dumb faggot, you'll be getting your cerebellum shattered
Man's gassed with the anthrax, delivered one package
You've never been on scrapping, you're definitely not packing

[Verse 3: Ghetts]
I carry on a wave, bally on my face, strally on my waist
Every Tom, Dick and Harry on my case
Ain't nuttin' promised in life
Only thing you can ever guarantee is a grave, fuckboy
He ain't never had any faith
He ain't never been the man that the mandem rate, fuckboy
He ain't never had any stripes
He ain't never been the man that the mandem like
Step back inna your place
Got the 'matic in the bag, one man in the cab
I never do things the amateur way
The name's Ghetts and I'm at it again
I married the game long time
Lipsed her up and carried away from long time
She love the man I became
I've got the worldwide sound but the mandem relate
I tell a girl right now I'm the man in the game
[Verse 4: Dot Rotten]
Tell 'em they can't speak to man, it's Libra gang
Heated hands, leave him bleeding, breathing bad
Leaders leading the sheep, there's no need to brag
You query facts, you've all got diva swag
You n***as are gassed, my n***a, I've got peace [?]
And everything I do, there's fees attached, brudda, you need a slap
Talking a bag of shit, nope, you've never seen the trap
Got scales, weighed the food and then paid from that
Come on, your lifestyle's clean and caj
You don't buss guns, you're cleaning cabs
You be using the hoover, wiping the windows
Shining the wheels, you're the deepest, fam
Then you jump on the riddim 'bout heats and gangs
How many people you're beefing stabbed
How many demons he's seen, it's sad
When he's washing the car, he's a decent lad

[Verse 5: Ghetts]
Don't lie, fam, you ain't like that
N***as write for me, I don't write back
We ain't penpals, you're a sideman
And I'll be carrying your life savings on my sidebag
 iPad in my right hand
FaceTime, eye candy
For the Iron Man
Showtime, lie down
[Verse 6: Dot Rotten]
Don't lie, fam, you ain't like that
What the fuck's wrong with my man?
He rolls with a sideman of a sideman
Of a sideman, that's why I don't like man
I'mma tie man to a chair
Put a gas and a can beside man
Have him scared couldn't find man
Anywhere it fits dynamite inside and
Set a man alight like a bonfire night fan

[Verse 7: Ghetts]
Don't lie, fam, you ain't like that
You ain't like what I'm like, I like that
Tell your girl delete her Insta
Every pic she puts up, I'mma like that
And it's like that
Like for like, so I like back
Just cause I don't like man
Now let me go in, that was light, fam

[Verse 8: Dot Rotten]
Yep, yep, you ain't like what I'm like and I like that
My pics on her Insta, your girl likes that
High five in the entrance like I'm Kendrick
Your wifey, I bench-pressed it for the night gang
Bang once, twice out
Fire in the woods, she's warming up my camp
I'm a worldwide artist, you're a grime act
Someone give him an Oscar, this guy acts

[Verse 9: Ghetts]
[?] end of the year
I'm a rebel, these n***as all living in fear
I'm the realest n***a in here
Say n***a five times in the mirror
Say n***a five times in the mirror
And you might see a n***a appear
But not me, cuh time's money
And I ain't got a minute to spare, I kill a career
Sweet sixteen to your head back
If I send a sweet sixteen, you're a dead man
You could be Daniel LaRusso
When he was 16 with a headband
I crane kick your mum
Now you see what my behaviour's become? Dumb
I spinning bird kick your bird
I'm like er, er, er
I'm allergic to her

[Verse 10: Dot Rotten]
Never been a fuckboy, never fuck boy
Never buss toys, getting pumped cause you touch 'roids
Get your shit straight, all your mixtapes just noise
So don't dictate what this kid says
Clip aimed, wig blazed, getting pitched straight, I've had enough, boy
I've trained to kill, I've aimed the steel once, boy
I'mma get Ghetts, I don't wanna hear all these wet threats
Chopping off heads till no head's left
Realest, shmealest, good boys needing breeches
I don't believe what this eediot's speaking
Should've been semen leaking, that's what this weener needed
Left hanging out them Jesus pieces, believe it
Dot's the greazest, I spit true
Hit you with the jujitsu
Two kicks, one front flip, one bust lip and big bruise
I came to duppy an MC, it's big news