Dot Rotten
Apocalypse Cypher
[Verse 1: Blizzard]
Call me Manchester's great
Anybody hate so I tell them straight
I'm an egomaniac people hate
I'm like "why can't you all accept that trait?"
2012 do ya ever gonna lend man?
You better comprehend and protect your mate
Better start joggin' on before I go
Oregon my head might go into a western state
Because I'm a don and I flow tight with it
The worlds ending and I'm fine with it
I pen Dystopian fiction daily and its your job to decipher it
Welcome to the cypher you gotta be a privileged spitter to come and rhyme in it, I'm in it, lightin' it up see if I give a fuck
Cause the needing equators just a line in a book
You dont like me, alrighty
The hate on your death bed will go nicely
I pay dues now my reps so stripy
But im camouflaged so the dead won't find me
I set a scene, it's moody and gothic
In a way you relate to my topic
Beat me in soon is it an alignment of the tropics, I catch a cataclysm comet
The mayans have gave me my own day
So say goodbye to your soul mate
The zombie apocalypse will be so bait
The sky will be dull the atmosphere will be opaque
Souless beings are loosing their tempers
Still getting about we've been dismembered
That ain't even half of the shit
That's gonna happen on the 21st of December
[Verse 2: English Frank]
I don't need to go in for me to go all out
I'm already in and I'm out of my mind
I find myself trying to find myself
Talking to myself, by myself all of the time
Grandad's Spitfire used to spit fire on them Germans
Now i spit fire on them Germans
While my mandem will spit fire from my earnings
If you ain't giving it up, burn em
We dont fuck with snakes or five-o
Unless I'm fucking 'em in the arse with ice poles
I've a death wish, I don't want to die old
I've got mad thought running inside of my skull
Head gone, head look good head blown
Rocka-bye baby your wifey's dome
How you gonna talk like you're really really bad
When you're only really bad on your microphone
Forget it, I will eat your heart
I'm not talking bout rapping I will eat your heart
It ain't even race, don't even start
I will get even Steven on your clart
Hollow heart, drunken soldier
You will see me get madder so I cannot get sober
You won't see me in a rover with a revolver
We just see a paid ex-service soldier
See we do this ting and we do not sing
We vibe with girls and we dont buy bling
We grow on food and we go yours too
Money grows on trees you said that weren't true
We're going so hard and we go right through
I won't eat you if i'm not eating food I had
Food in the fridge and no food in the fridge
So food is the way I was eating food, I'm a
Lyrical animal cannibal, Hannibal
I ain't scared of gangbanging you fool
I ain't scared of a man banging his tool
No I ain't scared of a man banging at all
If you pull out on me
Boy you best pull before I pull
Your bluff and leave you in a bloody pool
This ain't no game I ain't playing pool
I got two big balls and one stick
For I still talk to myself
So I stop for a sec, and talk to myself
Still on the road, hoodie up moving in stealth
No I won't ever be rich cause my health and my wealth being lied to
Being poison in the water, poison in the water
We need to wake up now why, huh
Cause a lambs being lead to the slaughter
Are we still gonna chat about who's bash and who's flash
Who don't and who bangs chaps
Like if I see a boy getting pitched on the street
I'm gonna go on YouTube and tell the whole world real talk
Seen a boys brain on a curb
Whats to be said ooh not a word not a word
You wanna feel pain feel my finger on your brain
And leave your white tee soaking from the bloody rain
You must have gone mad
Thought I'm gonna change?
I'm still English Frank I still got rage
Yeah i made a couple commercial tracks
So I can buy all my ball white trash white trash
Why is my best friend best friends with his strap?
Probably cause I got no love for the flats
Why do I talk to my dog more then I talk to my own dad?
[Verse 3: Mic Righteous]
Yo, I don't wanna be the one to put your little fire out
It's not cool, what's all this hype about?
Whats kind of cyborg do you think's gonna skywalk
Magically fall from the cloud?
Casually land on the ground
Fall in and wipe us out
It must doubt what lifes about
I feel to like go mad
Find your house
Break though the door
Go on your Facebook page
And then sign it out
Control alt delete your entire account
Alright fatty, put the lappy to sleep, step back from the screen
Alright back to the streets, listen
Put the gear stick in first, this years been the worst
I've shed tears from my brothers that passed on for years
We've been stuck in the mud
Wheelspinning the dirt, been putting in work
Look at how much pain that I put in a verse
Just let Mic on and look at me hurt them
Came with the whole hood looking disturbing
You know we know that's why you're looking so nervous
I got two words for them nobody's worth it she ain't nobody worth it
I'mma drive while im mashed
I'll drive till I crash
No license, not even a permit
Wanna know the wickedest thing
I never feared in cause I'm not even a person
It's Mic Righteous, Rocky isn't working
Rocky isn't worth shit I sing this
[Verse 4: Logic]
Look, they tell me all I do is spit knowledge
I tell em nah fam I spit logic
I tell em that slavery is not abolished
I say the same thing until they got it
I say the same thing until they got it
See drake is a Zionist
Cause I bleed to forty eight
And I don't know what HYFR is
Why's his only ambition just to hype the kids?
Yeah you only live once but you gotta love the life you live
And I ain't saying you shouldn't read from the Bible book
But how can you condemn something when you never even looked
You never heard a word but you're saying shush
Not the type that ever jump always needs a push
Self health and reservation, you only control you
You can't control the moves that another's making
Your any years worth saving so save it
Look, time is a man made concept
So the end of the world can be told by the number that a clock says
No one can stop death so live your life and don't even penny what's next
Nostradamus said a lot of stuff that was true
But he also said a lot of stuff that never happened too
David Icke comes close and provides proof
I say its just another money making spoof
And its juice for them to up the prices
Illuminati's more then an eye to occupy the pre-occupied
Ostracise deep thoughts you're not awake you sleep walk
The end of the world is upon us
They can't take the realness from us
We think America's cool
Until America come bomb us

[Verse 5: Lady Leshurr]
Who who who who who who who is it
Someone just broke the mic, who did it?
They know sure when I'm come in with the tone to get get get down to the rhythm move with it
Everybody looking at me like I'm the new image
Crew running bag of dem rhymes abuse lyrics
Too wicked take time a few minutes, two minutes
Ahh, I'm running the ends again
So them lot are becoming my friends again
But I ain't got time to make amends with them
Smile and the haters best make friends with them
Hahahaha me laugh like hahahaha
And ill be like nanananana, you can't catch me
Nobody wanna but other everybody too slow
Charge, batteries done
Them lot are young, where's Ashley gone?
Chat Fabregas the back to the front
Its an IPhone ting Blackberry's done
Going against me yeah thats very dumb
I got the juice 2Pac I'm a don
The backs getting rock swear that I'm a bum
Hear that anyone no wan wan de don don yeah de don don
I'm from Birmingham, not from London
Pushing like I'm giving birth like my mum done
When I go in I put it on em like a condom
Huh, I'm from Birmingham not from London
Pushing like I'm giving birth like my mum done
When I go in I put it on em like a condom

[Verse 6: Akala]
Its the master classes
When I blast the fastest
Im the hardest artist
And I scar you bastards
Tarnished garbish cause the bars are varnished
Im a bloody animal canibal spit carnage, calmest
On a mic and I palm it
Bun up your skin like napalm darling warning
You should have known from marnin
I'm sick of them bees are swarming who else
Walk in jail with a wing full of life
Delived a lecture a man sit in silence
You ain't that respected
Might have a necklace
Talk reckless but your dibs in your death wish
Fake rudeboys run around with a lot of lip
Get punched up by 'mr positive'
Ain't that embarrassing
Stiff like a manikin
Silly little prat thought that he was havin' him
I try my best to be humble
The fact remains that I'm just arrogant
You would too if you were me
In fact you are and you're not even talented
I make myself laugh
I kiss my own arse
The bars are so hard
On par with Mozart
The verbs in a syllable
You heard im a criminal
Im preferred by nerds that determine your miserable
Matching my swag you're delirious
I could dress like a tramp and get taken serious
Cause when women have always found you attractive
It's hard to be insecure
I know, I'm a prick for that line
So sick, who's got the cure?
Nobody cause I flow so shoddy
And I won't say sorry
When I body that folly
Yeah, it's true
He's cut like Bruce but don't oil my chest to make R&B tunes
I've been round the world to too many places
I can't see the life with dust in my trainers
Infact what you see on the pavement is the behaviour of nations
So i can't rate gangbanin'
Am i stating the obvious nah bruv i rate the mau mau warriors
Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of bleeding
Long as you're bleeding for a good reason
Dont be a duck when its hunting season
We die for dumb shit but not freedom
Kill for bandana's
We're ill with those hammers
Look how they program us
Control and go scam us
You know they dont balance
Just show the whole damage
Itsead they just manage
Make us look savage

[Verse 7: Black the Ripper]
They say the world's ending, I say it's bullshit
If it's true, I'm going Buckingham Palace with a full clip
And taking out the royal family and their armed forces
I really hate these punk police, I don't have to force it
Shouts out my brother S-B, forever supporting
Usually I come in peace but today's a war ting
Cause if it's armageddon and everyone's about to die
I gotta let these fuckers know exactly how I felt inside
Bury me a G I've never held my tongue
I hate these n***as talking murder talks but never held a gun
And how these boys talking money talk still living with their mum
Shit, I don't care if your bars are tight
That's dead, as long as I'm alive rocking nine to five
That's not my root, while you're in a suit I'm drawing a zoot
Write rhymes then get it on in the booth
They hate me like theres something wrong with the truth
People are struggling
And the goverment got the cheek to wonder why we're hustling
Life ain't meant to be like this so I said fuck it I'll do what I like bitch
Out-law till I die
Females are on man the day I'm fly
Smoke inhales while your man blazed tie
Intimidate who you like but you can't phase I
Smoke till I choke, you know I stay high
Forget music money, I always get by
You know me, I ain't known for pretending
Fuck the world, I don't care if it's ending

[Verse 8: Dot Rotten]
I tell em my drive is a Benz, my engine is vicious
Benz full of piffs so my entrance is different
And there's no need to pretend that I'm gifted
Lifes a diseas the adventure is sickening
I'm a young n***a with a pence in this wisdom
But they wanna look through my lens as a witness
I see hell on earth and his men are his minions
Raging at the world clenching my fists
I be angry always resent in the system
My family, we doing a sentence in Brixton
So we have to talk through this pen with this ink in
And that's not enough, they locked my brother up
So fuck the feds, I'm defending my siblings
When I see pigs, I'll be tempted to kick them
On my ones without no friends or assistance
A one man army against statistics
I'm just tryna find sense in my mission, who cares if I'm ballin'
When the sky's falling and it's the end of existence?
I'mma repent for my sin list
Hands in the air and I pray like a skeng that's been lifted
Never lost ill be in a mosque not a church
My my word I'm feeling like Wretch in "Forgiveness"
There's no avoiding what my descendants predicted
Good life's gonna be preventing a slit wrist
Not being broke means depending on business
Lament in my riches
Me and success go together like December and Christmas
The only time you hear a n***a scream 'fuck Dot'
Is when he's singing along to what Kendrick assisted
I dont need to bend your decision
I'm the best until the rest are too offended to listed