Dot Rotten
Game Over (Remix)
[Verse 1: Ghetts]
You ain't my spar you’re a target
Me I'm like somebody marj in the market
Me? I put a carcus in a basket
Head, feet, arms to his armpits
Ain't you noticed?
I gotta stick like what’s his name… Moses
Red sea I ima part it like I can't swim
Lets see who departs when I'm when I’m barring
And it's clear like Evian
You ain't doing nothing new my bredda
Swear down your just doing what I've already done
Came in the game at 19 my friend
And I took you over by the time I was 21
Don’t ever compare yourself to me
I'm a sawn of shotty rudeboy your a pellet gun
Make a lot of money from a war like Peggy done

[Verse 2: Slix]
My sweat's undeniable
The man are all washed up and dryable
When it comes to the war I’m fireproof
I don’t choose to win, I desire to
Some say I boast some say I brag
But I remember
When I never had jack
There were brown cheese all over the rag
Nice to see your swag!
(No Cilla Black) Flee
So high that I gone past fly
Money on mine grind on mine
We get it in
Fuck getting by
We live dreams
Fuck living life
I’m crazy labels call me barmy
Girlies are nothing they Just Cavalli
If there Ain't money they can run past me
It will take my death to pass me
[Verse 3: Griminal]
Yo, is it my go? Should I go?
You know why I flow
I’m psycho, like Spyro
With a biro with ma eyes closed
When I roll
Then light ‘em up like a light bulb
Why I boast
When guys know
That I’m hotter than the devil still the coldest
Only when I’m rotting in the ghetto with roaches
And you are not on my level you a novice
But I’ll show you what a pro is
I get a pen and some paper
Then im fully equipped
So driven you would have thought I'm pushing a whip
I get dirty like Fuda and Slix
Not striding you ain't itching all over the kitchen
Full of You ain't shittzing me
I live down the dance got my shorts
Got so many lines I’m as hard as a book
What's rhyme? Rhyme's not as hard as it looks not max
But im still a star in the hood

[Verse 4: Fuda Guy]
They roll with a leng, man I roll with a witch doctor
I shake his left hand one time (game over)
Black clouds are a sign I’m gonna take over
[?] cruising, kinda like a range rover
My bars carry me like my names Oprah
I’m gonna make bread son gonna buy a big toaster
Now my doctor will come ‘n’ put a hoax on ya
Leave your insides hurting
Lung cancer, spleen rupture
I penetrate souls, I’m a soul puncher
I’m known to the underworld I’m no stranger
Light skin, but I can turn darker
I’m a real prodigy, yeah fire starter
Violate me once guarantee I will mark ya
Show me girl twice yeah guarantee I’ll shaft her
Flatten me three times don’t cause me laughter
[Verse 5: Wretch 32]
Game on, chain on or off
This is my scene, Wretchro monologue
Try and find me, I’m so gone I’m lost
And you are getting fucked if you’re not on top
Not on box, stopwatch. Oh!
Be there in a second I’m a lean G-Shock
By my Roley, I’m the essence
Let me get ticked off,, I evolve, rap athletics
So they can’t get over the bar I am setting (hah)
High junk, check your bars, in the wreckage
I’ve already seen your future in my past
I Am Legend, Wretchro

[Verse 6: Dot Rotten]
The earthquake is real
I get cash to flow for a couple of months
What suckers and chumps wanna stop me from fucking it up well
Stuck in the slums what stopping or not somethings become what these young bucks
Covered in gut shells
Money and guns ain't nothing to ask for so why don’t you go get something back
Nothing but fuck hell
I squash beef when I'm talking because, when I'm judging these fucks they ain't on stopping enough
(Girl) I get pressed when I'm cutting em up stop crushing the bombs see everything under the suns
(Still) I come on a bus like nuttin a slut what's everywhere any other MC covered in blood
(Well) I'm too cute you're a puddle o' slut I took the game like a picture and I'm lovin a loss
You know I be hard the earthquake that's coming to crush ya D.R
[Verse 7: Roachee]
Ludacris’ out of the game
Start strapping like a deranged brain, crazy as me
It’s becoming even more erratic with age
And when the automatic sprays, it’s guranteed to change your head shape
Black clouds and acid rain
Got a couple mad cows giving smashing brain
So it’s happy days
My blazed hatred explains why its always ugly face and we’re ain't on the same wave
And I still don’t know how to behave
So when I’m hated I put everyone on display chains
I confiscate safes, empty the contents and stick it in my safe and might save for blades
Head gone recording for heaven’s sake
See Flo not boarding any planes to Spain
No sunshine just gun crime
So until the game’s over, I was spraying aids

[Verse 8: Maxsta]
That much sicker when I flow em like
Pirate hit a n***a in his boat
The [?] when I'm funny I'm like whats wrong I'm out for the money and the girls
Pinky and the brain but I'm chillin in ma gaff with the box on
So don’t ever get ahead of yourself
So chart heavy when you can't say the flows aren’t heavy
True I'm on track like I got a gold car ready
Flat cap on you know I'm messing about
Clap lead for me like I'm stressing it out
Scratch heads when I'm rapping what you telling me now
I'm 10 times better like I wrote turning me round
So you stand with me out like an enemy fry
You only got a couple bars you ain't getting around
But I actually feel like I ain't a ghetto now
Get an x-ray you'll see they cutting me

[Bridge: Tinchy Stryder]
And now I’m reloading
Started with some junk but now it’s time to throw some blows in
Told them with the flag they better know me when I stroll in
Girls so high in the sky you see my black clouds revolving
It’s over, the curtains drawn the doors are closing

[Verse 9: Tinchy Stryder]
I’m a big boss in a district
So I cuff em down two locks on a wrist
Stop with the gimmicks
I’m fucked with the lyrics
I’m elevating you're stuck in a lift
Run up on the game like a check move cos he’s
Some dark blue bally's
Who stole wellies?
King Kong bars don’t see two strallies
Fuck the whole game up and I'm no prozzy
Yeah, talk to me, money talks you can't afford the fee
Ima walk till them Nike six zero’s exclude any apostrophe
Those are what a fees for, this kinda money ain't fitting in a shoe box (no way)
I'm relaxing taking my shoes off, game over, victory white wash