Rainy Dayz


"What they have said is that I have no ambition at all. I feel myself sincerely
I don't [have] ambition [for] power, money, nothing, only to serve..."

Yo sometimes, you just feel like you got no ambition left
Rainy days, we give 'em too much credit sometimes, know what I mean?
Gotta get up

Verse 1 (Hex One)

Yo I'm getting sick of just star gazing
I'll start paving the way to chase what my heart's craving
While others covet money and start changing
Some of us just love the bizarre painting of struggling and hard straining
The troubles trying to make it through God's training
Under the sun we just play the part of a small raisin
The thought of leaving your mark's tainted when it starts raining
It's product is living with scars ain't it?
So if life's a battle then that'll be what is leaving your jaws caved in
So are we on a mission? Listen, who knows
They say that death's the intermission through souls
So while you're sitting there convinced
That your condition got you living too cold
Just think, there's probably many different loopholes
That conviction you chose, made you sink and got you thinking you froze
But yo, just know from that affliction you rose kid, and made it through
See that's what happens, you evade what's true (When?)
When overestimating what the rain can do, this sh*t is crazy

Chorus (Tek-nition)
Raindrops hit my window pane, it ain't the same
But I search, just hoping for change
Leaving a stain in the night skies
But something gotta keep me sane in this lifetime, yeah

Raindrops hit my window pane, it ain't the same
But I search, just hoping for change
Leaving a stain in the night skies
But something gotta keep me sane in this lifetime, uh

Bridge (Tek-nition)
First the rain drops, then the night falls
Wonder will the pain stop from watching the light crawl
Right up in the same spot, that's when life stalls
Then the sun sets, we gon' be alright y'all

Verse 2 (Tek-nition)
I had dreams of being the richest poet (I did)
Dripping oceans out of my pen because my gift is golden
But I admit it feels so different, don't it? (It does)
Travel throughout these ups and downs and these mixed emotions
Different strokes, my life's a b*t*h, to find a niche is just a bonus (For real)
Knowing I got to borrow, and I'm sick of owing (Sick of that sh*t)
I'm inches from homeless, feel intense while holding this eviction notice (Another one?)
Shatter the glass of serenity with my last step
While trying to take a jab at divinity as I gasp breath
Breathe, huzza, you can just get a new job, cause 11 dollars an hour is too hard
Dealt a hand with a few cards, when an obstacles easy, that's when it's too odd
Cause my life wasn't always jazzy as Utah
sh*t but hey, well that's me just trying to find the perfect rhyme to coil
With reality cause no one else can search inside it for you
Will pain stop a person? Time will show you
Til my veins rot, I know the rain drops can only fertilize the soil


"You know, it all depends on when the battle is done
Who's the last man standing"

Verse 3 (LMS)
It feels like I'm living the beginning and the end of it
Life through a kaleidoscope without a slight of hope
Nevertheless I'm not resenting it
Because my life is in my hands and I'm the one that's penning it
So before you say it's inspired you, I'll say don't mention it
How many times has it been I've shown and proved and defended it
I rep my city regardless if anyone's remembered it
Cause when the time is on, that's my moment, I own it, n***a
And you know who else will remember it? My opponent, n***a
These rainy days in Dade County, man they stay around me
Even the thoroughest n***as within my hood see I keep faith around me
I said faith around me, if you ain't notice, g
That's exactly why Chico n***as clutch and rock a rosary
On my block it's supposed to be, the only cop that's close to me
Is the one putting on my handcuffs, I stand tough and know it's me
Against the world, between me and you, man the difference is
I just don't care enough about you to notice the differences
All I notice is the sea level rising
Cause in this world, man, no man could possibly be an island
The rain is a symphony, the sh*t's haunting it rearranges
I'm just glad that in my city the weather constantly changes, feel me?

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