Insanity Plea


Did something snap inside of me, sicken and deform tap a hidden =
Illness deep inside
Release my violent energy, repeat the senseless kill
Caught red handed in the act of crime
Fear engulfs my state of mind, numbs my train of thought
Future hanging in the balance, will the state require my demise?
Time, the space of empty years to pass me by
Solitude, life repossessed, parole to be denied
Without panic, a loophole found
Fragmented inner workings of my kind
Time has slowed, the trial is near, the lies will pave the way
Truth evaded, conjuring excuses to be made
Memory is fragmented I wallow in decay
My dreams are blurred with consciousness, the night seeps into day
My day of trial draws closer still
Emotions burned as pressure builds
Collect your thoughts, act the charade
Will freedom call, which road to take
Immoral acts stain my brain, horror from within
No remorse for victims who have passed
Now on judgment day I pleas insanity
Cold blooded murderer at heart
No bargains from the state, the court becomes my prey
Pass the buck, shift the blame
F**k the system, free to kill again

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