Masters of the Universe lyrics


{Lyrics by: RealAndTrueHipHop}

I, control planets in my hand with this rap sh*t
We, make solar systems disappear like a hat trick

See, what differentiate us is we don't lack sh*t
But, hey, display wackness is practice, this rap sh*t is



Yo, let me show you how to rip lyrics and viciously murder the mic
Lyrics contained in DNA to bring my verses to life

My words stick to your scalp like a person with lice
You don't believe my poetry? Well, here's some words of advice

This poet's deep, plus the way that I be flowing is nice
You second guessing? Then it's obvious you know that I'm right

I've been a novelist before I had a flow and was tight
I wasn't dropping hits, I drop bombs to blow up the mic

Like, a warfare, I'm lyrically moving y'all squares
If y'all there, I'mma show you my metaphor's rare

With biblical symbols on my ???umbilical??? cord
??? war lord, sentinel enter your ventricles

With a long sword, disconnecting your tentacles
A visual hardcore, criminals think they spitting and y'all sway

Ya'll spitting dumb rhymes, busy imitating my punchlines
Stop riding my d**k cause you covered with bubblegum rhymes

Y'all need to stop that, could never top that
Where I'm from, n***as like you would stand in cyphers and would not rap

Holy sh*t, I'm defying gravity like I'm Morpheus
Mind create dimensions with a millions planets thats orbiting

Chorus (x2)


You n***as better cut the fronting before I try your chin
My flows will fry your skin, and make your body absorb this fire like vitamin

You faggot clone get dragged and thrown in the lion's den
For trying to battle this violent rhyming Leviathan

This sh*t is deep, son, I'm raping the beat
??? the sleep, I'll have your sheets baking in heat

Faking defeat, for your team, I'm making them meat
Take it as weak? I'll have your teeth scraping the street

You b*t*hes real as dykes, my clique's elite just like the British rites
My killer strife, you men are timid mice soon as the menace strikes

Soon as I finish fights, so, take a hike, don't test my limits twice
And ask your friend give you kin advice, I've always been this nice

So, give us mics, we finna shine like we invented lights
And leave your afterlife diminished like you pricks invented Christ

For when it strikes, my clique ascetic like Dominic whites
Try to bite my sh*t? You'll be in clinics for extending nights

You meet the feet to this, it ain't no secret
Yo, my ??? is the illest viral agents on the petrie dish

And spray with ether mist, ignite a flame and make your speaker's crisp
We bang you snakes until your face is featureless

Your music never felt right, oh, you say you busting shells? Right
You mean at night you crushing snails? Right

I'll have you tucking in your tail cause you frail, you can tell right?
Yo, let me tell them what they smell like, pu**y

Chorus (x2)

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