Circle of Fools


Reject the internal, a blind eye turned, truth denied
Unwanted within them inflicted outwards in lies
Aversion, denial, oppression, blame sinks to you
The scapegoat is chosen and hunted among delusions of the few
Panic bleeds into the brain, a high pitch from the sky
Gripped by the instinct of fear, sirens multiply
Convulsions to death, conform the body to flesh
A beatless heart lying still, murdered by illusions of the mind
Convicted, sentenced, brought to trial, extremities too far
Exceed brought by stagnant world, time frozen, charges barred
I blame you for corrupted youth, on your command they turned
Bring the masses to the fold, next generation saved
Fear dictates their sense of trust, a tightened guiding grip
In their minds we are the weak, so easily to slip
Eliminate temptation, a world preserved and saved
Persecute the ones they fear, and the disarray
What do you think entertained his mind, as he raised the gun to his =
Sweat soaked brow
Did some hypnotic rhythm reach out and fire the killing blow
Or did his battered, scarred existence cry out for an end
A tortured empty life that he let go
Shock, disbelief, the crushing grief
As guilt drained their lives, their senses numb
Brought to trial can=B9t let the question lie
Court rejected, blame deflected, failed to pass the inner pain
Stagnant now, within them it resides
What are they hoping to see, those who shield our eyes
Uniformed, marching in stride, pure personified
This world of perfection, enforce the boundaries around
Like cattle the circle of fools is lead to the moral high ground
Tension built, released the blow, outbreak of war and fear
Collective ignorance and hate directed at the near
Vandalized by fools who search for an enemy
They and those who blind our sight are the danger that they seek

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