Squat 4 Me lyrics


[Intro: Novaking]

Somebody get the driver
Cuz I ain't passing no breathalyzer
Soon as I sat beside her
She said she go to crossfit every night
Well, we gon' exercise

[Hook: Novaking]

Do a squat for me
Make it drop for me
Do a squat for me
Baby 123
Do a squat for me
Make it drop for me
Do a squat for me
Do a squat for me
Make it drop for me
Baby 123
Make it drop for me
Baby 123

[Verse: Epidemic]

Chain hang long like a chalandier
Never been a cavalier
I got a couple bad b*t*hes on deck and some patron
And we blowin ozone in the atmosphere
Mami sit here, lookin at me fascinated
Let me get you acclimated, i got a chevy '69
Call that b*t*h al qaeda, why? cuz the roof was decapitated
Its goodnight
Taliban blades underneath the seats
Cleaner than the teeth in my Jesus piece
I see animal control every week
Tellin me these crocodile shoes need a leash, sheesh
Make her get low for the cash
Always on the pole she tippy-toeing on the cash
Made it rain so hard the week before last
Next time i come back imma need a raft
Rookie of the year didn't even need a draft
Do i wanna dance you ain't even have to ask
Cuz my paint so wet chevy never need a bath
And my chain so thick n***a neck need a cast, damn
She like a professional, dancing on my lap and looking sexual
Look baby if you lookin for the X and O's
You gotta show me that you flexible, and do a squat for me

[Hook: Novaking]

[Bridge: Novaking]

Do a squat for me(DROP) [x3]
Make it drop for me(DROP)

[Hook: Novaking]

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