Dope Fiendz


Almost done

Yo i just need to have it
Im goin manic tryna flee this habit
But every time i stray away this sh*t just ????? static
The homies told me yo dont be embarrassed
No need to panic but what they don understand is i'm a fiend for that sh*t
The beat fanatic this addiction is deeply planted
Cus every time i rock a mic my head can reach the stratus
And leave behind the planet we inhabit
To keep the status ?????? [on a daily tryna re establish]???
Let me convay these risks cus even seeing cyphress makes me twitch
An over load of shows can get my daily fix
I maybe spit like 60 times a day tryna mainly quit
Seeing hazy colors like some sphicodelic 80s [sh*t]
I think im crazy kid dont know whats going on
I know some rappers that been clear for years and going strong
For me its somthing i can't seem to fight
Ayo im gonna be a fiend for life right god dam


The symptom isnt fake i took a whiff now my systems in a
State of imprisonment sit and shivering with shakes
This feeling im feeling like drift in the oblivious of space
Its like i took a sniff of some thick paint and start fillin in the blanks
sh*t i think this sh*ts imprinted in my vains
Livin within the inner limits with tendency's predicting the rhythem and the bass
?? this vision up in the different demention picture ligaments with illest syringes addicted to the taste

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