A Second to Wreck It


[Scratched Intro]
Check it
Check it
All need's a second to wreck it

[Verse 1: Tek-nition]

My style is exquisite my characteristic spit as a flawless warrior
Phone a story and slaughtered Mingus so call a coroner
Pause I enforce laws my jaws cause horror for
Weak dudes with preschool rhymes and they morals
f**ked up with these street rules, gangsters don't die
We breathe through younger generation we teach to
Beef and eat through these weak queens like peach fruits
I smoke dudes don't let that stick up weed mislead you
Tech nine my lyrics get around like the West Nile
But symptoms are better left undefined like the X-Files
With sixteen bars you get exed out
You better yell for help
Cause you'll be neglecting yourself like a step child
Call it quits want to see what a stone cold artist is with this verse
I bust a thousand E-Pen cartridges I'm hard as sh*t
And my style is manifested with mad infections
It's gashes and cash reflections of that and what massive weapons
It cannons the drastic measures the damage of mad deception
And hand them a death certificate listed with bad impressions
I'm intricate far from simple with wisdom and lack of reference
I swing like it's tennis and wind moved in and I'm mad injected
With flammable gas and with adjectives just to crash and pass it
And leave an unpleasant smell from his gashes
With bad intentions hazard weapons and when I spaz back
You need anesthetic intimidate when I eliminate
Any man can get it
You understand in instant my style is infinite magnificent
Instead a stance of killing I burn like a thousand candle incenses
Surpass a massacre so when I'm bomb and I'm acting senseless
Of having a heart I leave behind bodies and act relentless
I'm so far of my future that even I'm ahead of me
Prevailed the pedigree this the last don of the better breed
To have you on the edge of seats
Now watch what you're fin to see I am the history in the making
This is the legacy

[Verse 2: Hex One]

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. Check it

Yee, yo! The harder profit's to harbor knowledge
Finding my entourage ponder atomic concepts
And conquering counterparts
You faggot facade ain't solid it's softer than Häggen Daz
f**k the masonic lodges that practice demonic arts
I'm ninety-nine percent ominous fighting like comets gliding
With ultraviolet light that's shining brighter than comet stars
Hexagon harming cliques with alarming cause
Is as synonymous as messiah osama islamics and bombing squads
Never will I start dropping garbage I promise y'all
I rather scar your clique 'til you admit my style is raw
Howling at the moon like marauded dogs
Going heart to heart
But you're a malice with more corners than a omni star
Harnessing a constant consciousness with a thousand consonants
Calmly stopping continents with concepts of hauling cause
Murder hurdled verses and haul them off
With howling nerds of fouling darkness
To the end of earth 'til I'm falling off
Composing and overdosing evoking the potent potion
While roasting these poets boasting
With slopes to my dulls emotion
Exposing my souls emotion with flows like an open ocean
And closing my coldest notion explosion when I spit
Yo I can't get encoded messages with a quoted emphasis
The exorcist these devils get bent with these horror sentences
I unpack with numb cats with bum raps who dumb act
I'm unmatched this sh*ts automatic static where son's at
But nothin' less blessing the industry
With an omnipresent symphony molesting cats
And mentally yapping yes?
Tragic death for me the next infantry lacking teks
My tendencies'll be feeble legacy at its rest
What n***as

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