One Life


Chorus (Tek-nition)
Yo it's one life to live, so if you focusing on funds ice and cribs
It's a gamble so there's one price to bid n***a (yo so why lie)
And those who run trife get bids, through these rough nights the sunlight gets hid n***a (so why try)
Im Tryna get up off these streets, cause if I make it son we all can eat (see that's why I try)
Cause dwelling in this hell gets tough, tryna excel before I self destruct

Verse 1 (Tek-nition)
Its like I'm pulling off a gem, the recognition I put in off the gym
Define me as your dynasty when you're pulling off your brim, salute
I never lay-up cause I'm good from off the rim
Once I get on your nerves, I'ma have you pulling off your skin
My roots is royalty, which can signify my loyalty and being dishonorable can boil me
You feel the need to address me then look up and speak
I ain't the type for diss records over hooks and a beat
And I would never let my stress loose to cook up the streets
Plus I got nieces and my nephews that look up to me
To all my n***as in a trap tryna push to a key
Incarcerated, now them crackers tryna push you to plea, now that's a trap for ya
It may not look as it seems I got ya back brotha
Turn your nightmare to a dream then I'll be back for ya
My shorty look as a queen, how can I pass on her
All that back she puts in them jeans with all that ass on her
Frenchy, my goal is to resuscitate the game
No standard rookie can ever play the same, my art's infinite
Your mark or blemish couldn't fluctuate the stain
If you borrowed my thoughts for a minute I'd suffocate your brain
But then again that's a love and hatred thing
Too over analytical won't sell my soul over grands that's pitiful
It's business and I overstand residual
I know your plan so I don't need no one to hold my hand like I'm in middle school
So I won't swear under your oath or your allegation
So I won't stand to that smoke when you stand to satan
That's my perplexion as an educated learner n***a
Now watch me kill the game premeditated murder n***a


Verse 2 (Hex One)
I spit what foes be tryna outdo
But these little pricks below me got a mouthful
They'll tell you switch the flow then try to doubt you, to get this doe
I think of all the pits and falls that I done bounced through
So what the f**k could make you think you know what I'll amount to punks
I seek my own fate, and taking L's is what propels my feet to home plate
I never fell, through severed trails I keep my road straight
And just in case if heaven fails my thesis holds weight in hell
Until my cold state prevails, but before I'm laying deep in a hole
Son I'll be racing through this treasonous globe looking for reasons like
I wonder what a jealous n***a sees in his soul
If he wasn't hating now, he'd probably be achieving his goals
A focused mind, see I'm careful who I hang out with
Cause most the time them n***as ain't 'bout sh*t, I'm close with mine
If we're broke its fine, but if there's rope then you're supposed to climb
What I wrote's divine, I'm like coke but with doper lines
So if blood is thicker than water, then liquor is hope
Cause sometimes mud is thicker than both, you throwing dirt on me
You turn ya back on ya team, and that sh*t hurts homie
So what does loyalty mean and what's it worth for me?
Everything n***a, word up, now tell me that wasn't some real sh*t

"I make these, I sell 'em for twenty dollars a piece. I thank god, you know
That I do have a place that I can do my artwork, you know. Um, I guess that's all." (for real)

Verse 3 (Tek-nition)
Life decisions can be so contradicting
I remember wanting my watch to glisten
Cop a whip and stunt while my biological clock is ticking
But time is different I struggle to keep a pot to p*ss in
Kissing my boss' ass to keep my tabs on this heartless system
n***as from school is on the same ol' sh*t
Still sticking their dirty d**k up in the same ol' b*t*h
It's a shame but who's to blame I'm on my same ol' tip
Dreams of touring but I remain home sick while mind traveling like
Running in place but never caught up with life
Too light to be black and always been too dark to be white
But I'm different so f**k a pigment what you thought to be right
Is a figment we all fought for these stripes
Blaming the whites for your ignorant asses
When section 8 is your primitive action, living for fashion
Many kicks but have minimal assets (n***a)
There's more to life than living in a scheme
When most you n***a's rims is bigger than your dreams
I'm swimming on to bigger better things cause these Sierra Leone's
Ain't coming with me when they bury these bones, God knows
I don't give a f**k about being the heir to the throne
Long as he spares me in his likeness when he carries me home


"Recognize the true authentic sound of this"

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