Daydreaming (Intro)


[Intro: Epidemic]
Yeah, second exposure, this sh*t is over
Ladies and gentlemen
I like to thank you for lending me your ears in the first mixtape
This time, I'm gonna ask you to go a lil' further
Let me borrow you hearts, because my heart is in this one
It's only right you give me the same attention
Cause everyone daydreams, right?

[Verse 1: Epidemic]
Sometimes I'm daydreaming and I slip into a realm
Where it's hard to tell, if I'm in heaven or I'm in hell
But it's real, think I'm slipping and I feel like I'mma kill
Its a thrill, when I'm gripping on my weapon by myself
But it's hard for me to sleep, cause my heart is in the streets
I got money on my mind so it's hard for me to think
I can't even close my eyes dog, it bothers me to blink
And I'm running out of time, cause real artists are extinct
On the brink of insanity, just washing down the sink
Of my vanity, reality has gotten me to drink
I'm a f**king alcoholic now, I'm sloppy with the ink
But it's a masterpiece to me, I think I gotta see a shrink
Cause it's hard for me to love, even harder to give up
Bipolar schizophrenic, yeah I'm all of the above
Get some doctors from the hospital to offer me some drugs
Strap me down to a table just to be sure I don't get up
Take me to a different place because I've had about enough
And I've gotten to the point where I don't really give a f**k
About your motherf**king preference, this sh*t is effortless
You say I'm rusty? well, f**king come catch tetanus
Separate the business and friendship, those fences
Have been destroyed, we ain't boys so don't mention
My motherf**king name again in one sentence
Hands around your throat I'll choke till you're breathless
Breakfast, skip it everyday, I'm restless
Endless, you get in the way, your death wish
Comes immediate, apostrophe, period, seriously
I'm superior, lyrically, it's a conspiracy
Out of fear of me, they hide inside a shell
And say they ain't feeling me
Now I'm not trying to battle, cause this sh*t is getting old
And to get a couple spins, you gotta sell your f**king soul
Or make up a f**king dance, just to get a f**king chance
But I can't, cause I got a pair of balls up in my pants
And a d**k harder than the Eiffel tower out in France
So the world can f**kin suck it, all mouth, no hands
If you don't like my music you don't have to accept it
But don't be a f**king faggot dog you gotta respect it
So respect it
Motherf**ker god damn
Just respect it

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