Under The Sun (Prologue)



[Verse: Epidemic]

I've been sedated, I'm fading right out of consciousness
Cutting my veins with the blades of these broken promises
The hardest part of basically making it's all the fraudulent
Fugazies and incompetent lazies that lack the confidence
Crazy but the darker the days then the more inspiring
For me to bring the fire that they crave before retiring
The irony is what inspires me is what requires me
To drive myself away entirely from this society
Sobriety's a b*t*h and we have a f**ked up relationship
I pray for it to stay she runs away that's why I hate the b*t*h
A taste of this is painfully dangerous, but I take a hit
The high is what you make of it, this time I won't forsake this sh*t
I let a razor slit a line across the vanity
Afraid to face the mirror, I'm hiding from my insanity
I got this little buzz and it's flattering, but I'm panicking
This balancing act between reality and fantasy rap
Because my family has practically disowned me for it
It's so important that I fail, it's like they're hoping for it
And if I do, I guess I left myself open for it
Before that happens, I'll take a 44 to my forehead
This is the proof of dedication
The scriptures as depicted in the book of Revelation
The Genesis of the reign, the precipice of the pain
Deliverance from the flames of the treachery and the shame
The memories of my name shall echo throughout eternity
Immortal through my music, to this day nobody's murdered me
Performing emergency word surgery so perfectly
It's urgent see my verses need a nurse and an infirmary
I'm verbally so terminally ill I see the vultures
Circling you nervously, try to keep your composure
Or maybe you just need some closure
Welcome to the third exposure...

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