It Ain't A Dream


[Verse 1: Epidemic]

I lost my heart a long time ago
There's no more destroying me
b*t*hes diabolical, n***as lacking loyalty
So I take a shot for all the shots these n***as throw at me
Rose, rosaries, I portray...poetry
Profane, open flame, propane, no pain
Coldblooded, no vein, Cobain, no brain
I'm codeine, numb to it, all that's left is reflexes
Feet first since day one, I was born through C-section
My work ethic - Heath Ledger, grind now is Winehouse
Imagination - John Lennon, in my prime if I die now
Online and I sign out, these objects is inanimate
Painting my own pictures, broke n***as Instagrammin' it
My cabinet's like presidential candidates, these analysts
Wishing they could touch me so they judge me like a panelist
Whispers all around like a confessional, professional
So you could kiss my ass n***a X and O

[Hook: Epidemic] x2

Damn, n***as wanna stick me for my cream
It ain't a dream, things ain't always what it seems
It's the ones that smoke the blunts with ya
See ya picture, that wanna grab they guns
And come and get ya huh

[Verse 2: Epidemic]

+Sliding+ through the city like a +bishop+
+A bunch of squares+ you're unaware
I'm Bobby Fischer..I come prepared
Platinum plaques my imagery
Back to back cuz literally
My +drive+ will +never end+
Black on black +Infinity+
So far from a car note, Nicaraguan cigar smoke
Makes me hard to find and hard to define, my condo
Got a Jacuzzi n***a, and that's the truth it ain't a movie n***a
Groupies even when I drove a hooptie n***a
I'm +in this b*t*h+ so check the sonogram
Purple label double stitched with the monogram
And it's more than a persona, man
I just don't feel you n***as, f**king holograms

[Hook: Epidemic] x2

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