The Morning


[Hook: D'banj]

I'm getting this n***a in the morning
He gon' think he been chiefing, just too long when
He see me in the evening, wanna catch all these feeling
Well let me be the first to get mine

[Verse 1: Black Dada]

Yeah b*t*hes, it's me ho
Dada from a while ago
+Nine piece+ on me like +dominos+
Drop it low make that booty say Geronimo
And you ain't scarin nann n***a
Life's a b*t*h, why you think I ran in her
I hope you understand n***a
Always +armed+ in case you +outta hand+ n***a
Got a rooster in my 'rari bih
That's a +chicken coupe+ I'm sorry bih
You could meet me in the lobby with bacardi bih
If you ain't vibing, pop a molly bih
My swagger on dumb stup'
And we already know what you gon' do (nothing)
You know that she don't love you
We run through her, you're the one she runs to


[Verse 2: Epidemic]

Turn the fan on, let it circulate
Turn my reverb up b*t*h I reverberate
Put a beat on I increase the murder rate
Killing all that sh*t that you regurgitate
And I don't give a f**k who you impersonate
50 cal turn you into an +invertebrate+
You should probably watch your +back+ dog
Barking at a wolf you just a +track dog+
20 n***as on a +greyhound+
Gettin' real money, they don't need a Paypal
Better +slide+ like a playground
Front row at the +AAA+ I never +break down+
All my n***as +tow+ up
You +out of gas+ how are you gon' blow up
You ain't sick n***a how are you gon' throw up
How you call that sh*t a show if no one show up


[Verse 3: Redd Eyezz]

Puffin' on the truest sh*t I ever lit
To tell the truth you pu**y n***as wasn't ever sh*t
I dumped my old ho and got a better b*t*h
Type of cheddar we blow you n***as'll never get
Doing circles 'round the globe like I'm running laps
I let her sample the life so she ain't coming back
Hundred stacks for the fit with no ice on me
I'm only here for one night, but your wife on me
Cause every bad b*t*h want a bad boy
That keep racks, come scoop her in them different toys
And I enjoy being a G, that's living cinematic
Money's the motive, gimme the word, the n***a at it


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