The General


[Hook: Epidemic]

I don't understand why they look at me
& follow everywhere I go asking who that be
Cause' homie you can be anything, but you ain't me
See there's one thing that separates you & me
That I'm a motha' f**kin' General

[Verse 1: Epidemic]

Everybody want to be a boss, can't
26 inches make your b*t*hes heart break
A n***a got cake & a n***a got rank
Bet 100 round drum make a n***a block shake
Pictures of your guns, what you think it's MySpace?
My 9 ain't photogenic, it just sit on my waist
Look at my face baby, I ain't got a scar
But if you're acting hard, you can have one by tomorrow
Talking AK47, going through your garage
Going through your hoody & the hood of your +Galar-dough+
Is something i stack , man you front & I clap
This is f**king Iraq motha' f**ka' I'm back


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