Marty McFly


[Verse 1: Epidemic]

b*t*h I'm Marty McFly, swagger futuristic
I'm superstitious, won't sit inside a coupe unless the roof is missing
To tell the truth these groupie b*t*hes never knew the difference
Between a princess cut or cubic on my crucifixes
I'm smoking Cubans in Aruba barracuda fishing
Talkin' to jewelers about my Mueller, that's my new edition
Got b*t*hes cookin' for me that ain't never used a kitchen
Might f**k 'em in a few positions, but refuse to kiss em'
It's kind of humorous your music even drew attention
You couldn't p*ss inside a f**kin' pot I used to p*ss in
Dawg you on that +chuck-e-cheese+, me I got a +swiss+ account
You the type of b*t*h n***a, b*t*hes always b*t*h about
7 series beamer leaning, listening to swisha house
Got a b*t*h that does the dishes with a swisha in her mouth
Hottest n***a in the south, you gone have to wait your turn
Cause' if you n***as ballin' I guess you can call me David Stern

[Hook: Novaking]

I just thought that you should know
I ain't like them n***as that you used to know
Got a bunch of b*t*hes on my d**k
But I won't slip, no not for no b*t*h 'cause I'm on my sh*t
Cause' I'm so fly, you should call me Mr. Marty McFly
You should call me Marty McFly
You could catch me off in the sky
You should call me Marty McFly

[Verse 2: Spaceship P]

White cup, codeine in it, bad broads you know we in it
Then I hit the boulevard hard, drink it all up til there ain't none in it
Smokin' Cubans & dodging groupies, don't like it sue me
Then I tell her strap in , ride me like a dually make a movie
Take it all off baby let me see it
She got them foreign features think my b*t*h is European
Plus it's cheaper to leave her
What I look like with a silly hoe all in my pockets & my visa

[Verse 3: Epidemic]

I'm a limelight stealer, the visa up in Ibiza
This the vida, diva juggling, guzzle double tequilas
& I'm the leader, got game by the liter might splash it on your b*t*h
Even grab her by her wrist when I meet her
b*t*h I'm grain grippin', lane to lane switchin'
With the paint drippin' off the frame, getting brains
f**kin' the same b*t*hes that you claim that are faithful
This is painful, I paint pictures with the same flow
n***a this is game over


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