Cloverfield (Freestyle)


[Verse: Epidemic]

I am so, cryogenic, you ain't sh*t bro I don't smell it
No collabos I'm an as*h**e, do I have to spell it out for you?
Yell it out till you get it, forget it, your syntheticness is pathetic
Wait a minute, is your lack of intelligence just genetic, is your daddy stupid?
How about your mother & your brother? Are they half as useless?
I'm fly, look in the sky I'm parachuting off Jupiter, I'm king koopa & I spit fire n***a, nuclear
Check the back of my uvula, gnarly, tubular, Bob Marley in a humidor, Paul McCartney but Groovier
& I Kama sutra your b*t*h, murder that pu**y, executioner
If killing these rappers is a sin, I must be Lucifer
Stupider, autistic, not to mention artistic
In a Benz with your baby momma & her friends at the art district
I'm narcissistic you'll never make it, far from hate, it's all statistics
Not to mention you suck d**k, how the f**k are you so optimistic?!
You must have a fever, I'm about to have a seizure
Because I tried but I just can't feel you, it's like f**king anesthesia
But thankfully, you got this cd here to guide you, if you a rhymer
You can hide the entire cd in your vagina & go f**k your self
Kind of, overkill, like a low blow from Holyfield
It's no mercy you know the drill, man I turn this b*t*h into Cloverfield
I'm done

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