What If I’m Wrong


[Verse 1: Epidemic]

Listen to my confession, music is my obsession
The truth of my aggression & the root of my depression
Feel like I'm going backwards, I'm trapped in my dimension
Hoping to find an answer, but who am I to question
I come off antisocial, but it's not my intention
Just less fake n***as approaching you from my perspective
I burnt a lot of bridges, I broke a lot of hearts
& I take the blame, even when some things just fall apart
I trade my brush for a pen, this is modern art
I could call it food for thought, even a la carte
So I'm just cooking up some bars as the time pass &
I'm just looking at the stars through a spy glass &
I just sit here in the dark with a wine glass &
Open up my f**kin' heart like a bypass &
Yeah I can see that I'm blessed
But I'm just missing one thing

[Hook: Black Dada]

See I could see the days pass by
I wonder if my clock is broken
Is it really my time
Maybe it's not my time
What if I'm wrong[x4]

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