Scar Tissue /Regeneration


[Verse 1: WriteSounds]

Why don't you throw it on the floor?
Burn it to the ground
I don't need this anymore
You just kill it more & more & more & more
There ain't nothing left to say
Nothing more to give
Like a lion to its prey
You just kill it more & more & more & more
The way you wear your smile
The same smile that I loved
Just walk around with a smile
Girl how cold is your blood?

[Hook: WriteSounds]

Tomorrow, I hope, you know how it feels
Look at your scars, I hope that they never heal
Tomorrow, I hope, you know how it feels
Look at your scars, I pray that they never heal

[Verse 1: Epidemic]

It's hard to forget you
This scar tissue is all over my heart
& the more I miss you
Then the more I pick at these scabs I'm wishing
That the only issues we had were superficial
But you need convincing that you're so attractive
So egotistical & sociopathic
You're delusional & so beautiful, but even you should know, that it's mostly plastic
Cause you're so sarcastic & so ungrateful a
Sadomasochist, you know it's painful
& I would have f**king rather you been unfaithful
Than to drag me through the f**king place I hate the most
Into the darkness
Where the knife is the sharpest regardless
Cause this is my catharsis &
You're a carcass a coffin of memories
A constant serenity a conflict
Of melodies, I'm mentally exhausted
Robbed of my energy, eventually I lost it
I promised to never be a victim of the scars that you left
You ought to confess, it's so hard to progress
But regret is something that'll haunt you to death
When you look at your reflection, the scars will reflect the depression
But it's all for the best, you deserve it
Tomorrow you gone learn when your scars hit the surface


[Epidemic Speech]

To appreciate the love, you had to have withstood the pain
& you're only grateful for the sun, after you've stood in the rain
You have to go through the failure to relish the celebrations
& you need the scar tissue to cherish regeneration



Tomorrow, yeah yeah
I'll know how it feels
I hope, I hope, I'll know how it feels

[Verse: Epidemic]

Metamorphosis and my torture is
Turned into poetry victoriously
Euphoria just so glorious
We move forward, the moral of the story is
To find the silver lining, my mind though it’s still divided
I find that I still survive & I rise
Through pressure that could build a diamond, I shine
The treasure is the will I find in my self
Redefined & I read the signs & in between the lines my
Peace of mind & every piece of my heart
I spark the beat & I keep my promise
I promise never will I be this hurt, til I leave this earth
& all I breathe is dirt, cause no defeat is worth it, put my feelings first
Wear my heart on my sleeve on a sleeveless shirt
But consider it a lesson learned
The less air you give it then the less it burns
& my thoughts was the oxygen, that was fanning the flames
Until the pain went & boxed me in
& I thought I'd never walk again cause you were my crutch
Thought I would never grow a heart again
That was premeditated, there's a reason I made it
I regenerated

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