Devil In A New Dress (Freestyle) lyrics


[Verse: Epidemic]

I could make love to a beat it's aphrodisiac
I get up deep inside your walls & graffiti that
Up in the club is probably where you won't see me at
Mc'ing yeah I'm bleeding that call me a hemophiliac
n***a you got my CD so tell me how you don't f**k with me
There's rappers that you look up to that should probably should look up to me
Luckily, it's never personal I'm merciful as far as verses go
It must hurt to know how versatile I am
God damn & that's just the surface though but
I could go deeper my Submariner's submersible
I never go to church my n***a that's where the hearses go
I just hope to take a +bow+ before the +curtains close+
See I'm just trying to +play my part+
But I'd rather keep my mouth shut & just say sh*t from the heart, yeah
& all you need to do is listen so, close your eyes maybe could see my vision though
It's in my +genes+, music is my +true religion+ so
When I +bless+ a microphone it's more than superstition yo
It's been a mission I'm dancing between raindrops
With the Devil saying he can make the pain stop
It ain't time to go to stop the game clock
I'm just trying to +blow+ like +Kurt Cobain's thoughts+
Ran through the +track+, this is where the +train+ stops
Til I +disappear+ man I'm on my David Blaine... watch

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