Beautiful Goodbye (Epilogue)


[Verse: Epidemic]

It's not for everybody, It'll never work
Stop wasting your life my mother said it first
One bedroom apartment it was four of us
Sister on the couch, brother on the floor poor us
Momma slaving for a few pancakes
No cartoons, just me & my Wu-Tang tape
See I related to the struggle from the outset
So it shouldn't be a +shock+ Hip-Hop would be my +outlet+
But I ain't never been shot
Over five times dawg so I could never be Pac
I could never be BIG, I could never be Jay &
I ain't Eminem I'll probably never meet Dre
I'm just another college dropout
Such a copout, trying to paint a picture but n***as just want me cropped out
So tell me how should I survive, either hit I-95
Or get a 9 to 5
I quit this sh*t for 4 years
Trying to stack the +green+ around my team just like +Paul Pierce+
Except I swore I'd never +flop+
If I ever got the chance again I'd never stop
See I'm just trying to make up for my regrets homie
You call it studio time, I call it rent money
You can't evict me from the booth so n***a get from me
You can't convict me for the truth so get the sheriff on me
This is where I testify, hand on the bible I would rather get electrified
Than have to justify how I won't grind for all the n***as that put their futures on hold for mine
This for the nights I couldn't sleep, girls I walked away from, promises I couldn't keep
The hearts I couldn't unbreak, the karma, the defeat
The heartache & the tears falling from my momma's cheeks
For all the angels on my arms that cover scars under the ink
Or the times I wrote a song & drowned my sorrows with a drink
Now to think the realest sh*t I wrote could be my last
But it also might be the one that gets me passed my past
For now I'm walking towards the abyss
With a smile, I never sold my soul to get rich
At least now I got something to show to my kids
Epidemic signing out 3rd exposure that's it
In case this is it..

Thank You

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