[Verse 1]
Love and lost
I can never draw the line
I just cross every now and then
And it cost me time, time, and time again
Should have known commitment is never easy, never easy

Before you realize
It's 4 AM and I am onto someone else
You only know what it's like when it's someone else
Saw you out getting aive with someone else

Secrets, I know you keep them too well
You know I think your method is
It;s too late to regret this
This partnership's been something else
You think you played me
But I wasn't playing no

[Verse 2]
Late at night
I've been home
I've been drinking since I woke
It's when those lines we made it blurred
I'm not feeling from the smoke
Late at night
I come through
For someone else if it's not you
You can say you are all alone
I know you aren't
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