Grrt, pow-pow-pow-pow
Yeah, y'all know the vibes
It's that six times ten sh*t
N***as don't need no favors, them ends don't need no friends (CP did it baby)
Get me? Look
Hm, huh, look

I walk in the spot, thirty on me and some chops
All my n***as really rock, roll, control
Shout my 'Layos, you know how my n***as move
But I ain't movin', I'm rollin' and I'm shootin'
I said, "Baby, it's crazy," hahahahaha
I be really with them killin' n***as and them drillin' n***as and we back
In the Floss, get you offed
I don't do this too much, I just talk that talk
Gimme talk back too, what's the word? What y'all wanna do?
Empty out the clip, I'm with the Crips, neighborhood sh*t
All of my n***as, they on sh*t, I ain't gotta be on, b*t*h
Hol' on, I be so gone
Call up that boy YJ grippin' on the tool
He gon' break the rules, boy, you a fool, you a fool
I said, "Mad Max, he a demon, he let llamas fly"
Soso, onе call, that boy built for homicide
I am war ready, stay steady, don't gotta say too much
I was in thе pen' wit' a couple killer n***as and I stay tooled up
I could get you shot, get you packed up, huh, that's on the sеt
I ain't gotta say too much, and I just let that b*t*h, let that b*t*h off
Stupid n***a, what you talking for?
I am really in these streets, and I won't say no more
Hol' on, shake it, huh, just, I said just shake it
All this money that I'm makin', bad b*t*hes and they cakin'
A** fat, huh, heard that bad b*t*h was Jamaican
Put her in her place, put it in her face, hol' on
She was so wet, haha, grabbed on the TEC
Now I gotta lift a n***a up, leave his brother upset
Heard that lil' n***a tellin', huh, I'm a felon
But I ain't even gonna act like I'm playin' wit' a n***a, I'ma get 'em
Grr, I'm nasty, bad b*t*hes and they cla**y, they ain't trashy
Ask me anything you really want
I'ma let em up, I'ma go dumb, huh
I do this sh*t for fun
Tell them n***as check in with me 'cause I keep a gun
Huh? You can not play, .38, let it spray
That nine milli', thirty clip, let 'em
This is all I gotta say, I do it all for the gang
Me and you is not the same, stay in your place
Boy, you a lame, I'll carry the tool
And I'm still on the Fifth wit' an eighth
Woo, woo, woo
Grrt, pow-pow-pow-pow