C What I C
Oh, look
Oh, oh, need it
Oh, oh, hahaha

This life that we living, listen
I stay in the kitchen, listen
The pot that I'm whippin', listen

When I get to twitchin', I get a feeling
That nina, start tweakin'
Baby girl, slow it down, just leave it
I know my n***as, they got me
Call love, shots
Bend blocks, don't talk to no cops
I can't pop out, unless my n***as got it, on them
But I'ma really send shots, bend blocks
And you know I don't f**k with opps
Keep a thirty chop, that's knocks
When I walk up in the spot
Chopper shells, send a n***a up to heaven
But I've been to hell, and I ain't tellin'
I am a felon, war ready, stay steady
Put that d**k, all in her belly
But different n***a want war
We all knockin' at your door
Give me some more, give me some more
Sos in the cut, Remmys on me and they tucked
Boy what's up?
I don't give a f**k, I don't really give a f**k
Check in, I got my weapon in the spot
That thirty on me, that's the chop
Bad b*t*hes wanna f**k
Hold on, wait
I got patience
All of my n***as they wildin' out
My n***as, Haitian
Some of them, Jamaican
All of them, killers
Real street n***as
Suvy, all of my n***as get groovy
Let's start a movie
I keep my toolie
Call Jigga, he knock off your kufi
It's just me and my choppa and we two deep
Hit you up in my Ksubis
My n***as don't speak, I'm in Lucy
I ain't talking no lights, camera, action
It's a movie scene when my gun get to clapping
All of my n***as they trappin'
Strapped in, all of my n***as they keep a pole
And stay ten toes on the road, won't fold
Hold on

You gotta see what I see
But I could never, ever be
Neighborhood crip, NHC