A Day on the 5th (Snippet)*
I ain't no imposter
But I'ma preach it
Oh wait, that's Alx

Said free my demons out them cages
I've seen them charges
That sh*t outrageous
They tryna take us
But I'm still here
And I won't live in no fear, Dusty Loc' is well aware
I said ninas, straps, keep a heater
Get back, I ain't into all the chat
Actin' up will get you smacked
Coming live, from the 5th
Run up, you ain't that quick, get you hit
Bodies drop, you know we into this
The facts of life, is chrome pipes is on my side
I got it on me, and I ain't scared to die
If n***as talking, homicides and lamas fly
A day on the 5th