Plugged In Freestyle lyrics


Shout out Fumez the Engineer, man
Plugged in
It's yo boi, grim reaper himself, you already know my slogan (bow)
Pick a side or die in the middle
If you ain't willing to shoot, don't put in them boots
It's not for everybody, man
If we ain't the biggest we gotta be the realeast

[Verse 1]
No zombies, n***as just semi's
Dark side, with a force like Jedi
Turn my back on the gang, why would I?
Turn my back on the set, how can I?
Pulls in the whip, that's normal
I put in all this wet, that's normal
More fatalities, that's mortal
I put a hole in your face, that's awful (awful)
Main road in the backstreet, my gang never been lawful
So much sticks in the squad, you n***as be quadral
So much platеs in the room, that wants me the young n***a sick
Call and bе on the strip, with a phone get a young n***a rich

[Verse 2]
We make most of draughts, we pull up and they take off
I love this prof, I'm in the Bando with dirty sloths
Dirty gets chopped, I'll call you Steff Runs doubles my prof
Dirty gets chopped, I'll call you Steff Runs doubles my prof
Didn't see me fantastic, get up close and I told that faggot
Rip more than fabric, A&E got wrapped in blankets
I was doing for bro, same way bro 'ready done it for me
These opps are weak, a verbal attack ain't hurtin me

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