"Love Me Or Not"

[Verse 1:]
You had your choice to move on
Couldn't prove a point to get you back
I lay here contemplating things tonight
I think I'm doing just fine
Even though I'm going through things
Even though you go through things
I decided to stay by your side
Though you couldn't do right
I love you and I'm alright

The way I love isn't too hard
The way you tried proved to everybody
Baby, I became your somebody
Oh, I'm one of a kind
And you left me behind

You can love me or not
Please, give it some thought
Cause I love you a lot
Ooh, love me or not

[Verse 2:]
Didn't have to leave it
Didn't have to keep sh*t a sеcret (Secret)
But you didn't havе to fail your part either
Never had to be a cheater
Shouldn't have to follow, babe, I'm a leader
Babe, you didn't have to find a significant other
Shouldn't have to play role-playing games
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