Mori Calliope
ReaperかRapper? (Self-Introduction Rap)
[森カリオペ「ReaperかRapper? (Self-Introduction Rap)」歌詞]

2020 mobbin' mythical crew!
We are "Hololive: Myth", let me show you "how we do"!

[Verse 1]
Did you really think I'd rap like that? Sorry, tough luck
Vocals gangster as can be, and I'm still "moe" as f**k
I lowered all yo' expectations, and I'll tank 'em again
Because I like to diss myself along with all of my friends!
I guess that you could say that I'm "old-fashioned," the soul-snatchin'
Much-prefer-the-scythe slashin' to dome blastin' master of murder!!
But you've heard the good word of Mister YAGOO I'm presuming?
'Bout the brand new idol crew that won't take losing for an outcome
Want somе? Come and get it, man. We'rе RUTHLESS
But how am I gonna prove this...? Without my scythe, I'm useless...
The truth is...

I'm a Reaper on HIATUS, try'na decide how to play this
Trapped in a stasis—I hate this! I haven't taken a life in like ages, okay
This is heinous, but wait. Look at me now!
Try'na get souls and I just found out how!
Put up a shroud, stream for the crowd
Play up the game, and the viewers could bow!
Stay tough, 'cause maybe the hate will get loud
And the state of my mind could decline, "'cause I'm proud"
(Press "F" to doubt...) ... I'll shut my mouth...
Getting the feeling this rhyme's going south
But forget that! (DEEP BREATH)
Slow it down, regret...!
The hell was I thinkin'? I'm sinkin', outta breath
The heat's getting to me...
Okay, manager? Can we restart?
I'll stick to banter, play it smart...!
No...? ... shaking your head, that means no, right...?*t, okay
Geez, I blew it. I can tell! Cue the haters typing "sell"
Thought that I could do the sh*t by simply rapping well...
But I've been lying, in case ya couldn't see
I'm worse than the rest
So as for any people buying
F**k it, welcome to hell, I guess

ReaperかRapper? どっちでもいいよ。
Yeah, let the blood and rhymes free-flow
All my life been no bark, all bite. I kill people!
Welcome to my LIVE-stream, though!

ReaperかRapper? どっちでもいいよ。
Yeah, let the blood and rhymes free-flow
Dead Beat in life, (Dead) Dead Beat in death
(Dead) Death be alright, so love me 'til your last breath! Word!
(What the f**k...)
[Verse 2]
So now that ya know...
素直で伝えよう。 I'll let ya peak at my soul
But just a little, keep my anger locked inside and speak my feelings in riddles
That's how I do it...

Yes, yes! My name is "Calliope Mori." The hard-working apprentice of the Grim Reaper! Nice to meet you! I would like to have fun with everyone, however... I think there are a lot of people who hate "Your Boy." You know, because I am Death, and whatnot...

I'm a reaper, so... I got a lotta haters, I guess. Well, you know what they say: 「まあ、しょうがないね」, which means, "it can't be helped". But, if you pronounced it the way that I just did, it actually means, "there is no salt!"