Mori Calliope

Haze you

[Verse 1]
She's dressed up in diamond dust
A lover of decay
Coated lashes, soul of ashes
What more can I say?

[Verse 2]
Loving you, killing you, isn't it thrilling?
You've said enough from those guts you've been spilling through
Crying and begging, a lovely sound
I tear at your soul, but you still stick around
What I've found is a treasure indeed
A friend who can bend to my every need
I'll use and abuse you and never feel bad, until suddenly, funnily, you take my hand
Tangle you tight in the yarns that I've spun
And I'll do it again, to get what I want
Pretend that I'm harmless, I'm actually alarmed this is something charming to anyone... (wow)
The fact can actually make Death wanna Die?
I'm the one that you love, and I'm making you cry
And it's "just me", after all
(Same sh*t, different night)
I'll give you fire
Hello? 餓狼 餓狼
Haze you!

[Verse 3]
When the curtains finally close, and the show's really over
If you glance into my past, it's just nothing new
Lying, conniving, thriving on hate
I'll tell you it was "all for you"
You know, I want you to care that I want you to stay
So I swear I won't blame you if you turn away
At the end of the day, I will smile and give in to this burning and vile
Original sin
'Cause hell is the realization you're selfish
And drawn to the loving, the soft and the helpless
I can see through that façade that you wear
When you're honest, and promise you'll fight the despair
And I'll say it again, that I know I'm the worst
So then how can you spend so much love on the person that hurts you
Like I do?
'Cause inside, I can't hide that I cannot desert you
And if I'm "the world" to you, surely you never stood even a chance at all, didn't you?
It's me, after all
(Same sh*t, different night
Guess we better light it up)
I'll give you fire
Hello? 餓狼 餓狼

来訪 宵の羽音
Don't be afraid
(Guess we better light it up)

I'll give you fire
Just keep it to yourself
Hello, the hungry wolf has come to give you hell
Once again I'll treat you nice
Think twice before you fall
And smile while you do
Love, the me that's killing you

餓狼 餓狼 餓狼
餓狼 餓狼 餓狼
Haze you