Mori Calliope
[BOOGEY VOXX ft. Mori Calliope 「CROWN」歌詞]

声が聞こえたんだ "World is yours"
Geek to da JOBS, NFMO to da JAWS
でも俺のマインドは "触るんじゃねえよ、JOCKs"
Cuz I'm NERD motherf**ker
Rap で 現実にする Jokes
だけどこの世界じゃ 誰も俺らを殺せないな
Don't be afraid my homies

プライドは汚せないぜ you guys
街で見かけた Boys & Girls のシャツに
病気と確信の Baccarat に
勝つたびに増える チップの数
お前も立ってりゃ いつかそうなる

病む夜 悩む夜
俺のこの声が 明日のお前のバックボーン
テキーラは 1 shot じゃつまんねえ
いつもの Club いつもの席で
Never imagined my pa**ion would lead to a success story
Shout outs to every Overworldian who got love for me
Wanna share that fabulous glory
One-man's world got nothin' for me
Self-serving "walked the road alone" NOPE!
High hopes for the- "stop it, you bore me

Remember リハ days
Led into the smoke-filled nights
A pack for big-dreamin' strays beneath those Tokyo nights
Some broken foreign kid exploring bridgеs between worlds
Found a voice amongst the noisе, hey listen
I was that girl

Looked for the chance in my midst
Would not back down or back out
But I was pessimistic, almost missed it, drown in doubts
Will I ever make it big?
"Sure, isn't worth it try"
Like could I really see my picture on that billboard sign
Am I outta my mind?
Crashin' back to days I felt spineless
仲間's 優しさで I was saved by that kindness
What I find is, like the pages of the story that binds us
We progressed, became our best
Each footstep to here defined us
すっ転んで こぼれていった
コインと涙の数 きりないけれど
ただ走った先 たどり着いた
今叫ぶよ 「幸せだ」

Yo Calli, こんなところまでありがとう
ほら 見て 見て SENPAI
I come a long way!
Still making moves from the view
We knew from back in the day
俺もそうだ 長すぎる1年 お待ちどうさん
Had my back from the start, so I gotta say "ありがとう"
Be it this world or the next, bet we'll meet on every road

Still lie awake in my bed, above CDs I couldn't sell
Life what's you make, so instead
Let it be your reason to rebel
Far as this Reaper can tell, I was investing me
Penniless, sleeping in hell; that was a test for my being
Seeing this dream brought to life right before me
Song that restored me, the early mornings, unsure things
They all led to Your Mori
Always stay roaring into mics and facing all that comes at me
Still gonna pour my "Life Blood" into this
So Death can be happy
No map or compa** for us, one thing that never did change
We're still the same wild vagabonds from a far-off age
But in the name of refraining from dragging on, think fast!
The victory march is on, so I'll tag along this mic-pa**!
この才能を このダチと 言葉に使用
さあ やっておしまい
Simon says でも耳を貸すな anyone says
また来世よりカマす myselves だぜ
橋を架けることこそが Dream
それを渡って向こう岸に行くことが Real
好奇心の Ghost だけが握る俺のリード
This is the my WILL!
死んでもいいと思える瞬間を 死んでもなお求めてる
欲深くも 受け取ったマイクで すべてを言葉にしたい
神様 俺は世界だけじゃ物足りない!!

僕らだって 今 手にしたんだ
だから歌うよ この場所で
いま叫ぶよ 「幸せだ」