Mori Calliope
Myth or Treat
Myth or treat
(Myth or treat)

[Verse 1]
Your oshi's waiting in the closet tonight
No way to stop, she's dead set on giving you a fright
Trick or treat but now we're all outta candy
Feelin' just a little sick? This chainsaw oughtta come in handy
I got a theory chat's possessed
So let's experiment, I bet a little dissection is best
Drop it low, babies hiding behind your screens
It ain't a spooky Halloween without some mythical beings

Chat is blushing
Look at those red cheeks
(How cute)
I'll fix that up, drain all your blood
That's what you seek

Myth or treat!
Oh what a curse-ified stream
There's no bones about it, you'll scream
Only show ya on Halloween
Our spookier, terrifying, scarier sides
Oh what a gachikoi night
Mythic witchеs with endless spite
Can't еscape our idol-esque might
No candy in sight so your souls will suffice
[Verse 2]
Bust a funky dance tonight
What a spooky scary sight
Hungry dinosaur, just one tiny bite (please)
Spook our viewers with a song
If you're brave then sing along
Not your 'wife', I am a pumpkin
In the graveyard we will be
If you're looking for a scream
Singing songs that make you pee (A-R-T-Y)
Give you shivers, make you shout
Just like that, now Myth is out
Spooky ladies, that is what we're about