Porcelain Jesus (Original)
[Verse 1: carolesdaughter]
Don't p*ss me off 'cause I'll get violent
Eyes roll back, I see my eyelids
Wanna go back to a place I know
But I burned my bridges, and I can't come home
Not by myself, but I'm on my own
I talk too much when I'm off the snow
My life's a mess, but it's a show
And this the final episode
I don't wanna die all by myself
Suicide by cop, I'll take like twelve
I'll take the pigs with me to hell
I'll stomp you out, but wear pastel
Ayy, please don't get blood on my Chanel
Runnin' with a stick through the six, that's cold
Yeah, I put a chain on my b*t*h, real gold
A little bit of pressurе and your boy just folds
Hundred dollar bill and your b*t*h was sold
That's not gang, it's called a circus
When I talk, I spеak in cursive
She's too pretty, can't have verses
Spittin' this like it's my sermon
You're not slick, I see y'all lurkin'
I'm not scared, I know you're nervous
See you walk 'cause I was swervin'
Crash the car that I just purchased, ayy
Porcelain Jesus, I'm inspired
Got twelve girls, they're my disciples
Turn myself into an idol
I'm not god, I'm carolesdaughter
[Verse 2: webneversleeps]
Gotchu baby, no ex
Pretty vacant like sex
Pistols popped through your vest
Sleepy demon, can't rest
Think I need to repent
F**k that, I put a pin when I'm playing lacrosse
You pay the price and your life is the cost
Your b*t*h ain't on sh*t she a chip off the block
Six foot caught in the function, we on that f**k sh*t
Now that I know who you work with
Don't wanna punch him, I got a razor for cuttin'
[?] steady plottin' on the enemies