Chop It lyrics

Active Gxng

[Intro: BroadDay]
Step through first, they all disperse
Jump out cars, and go berserk
Swing that strong, and tear through shirts
Dig it, twist it, make it hurt
Chop it, cling it, get it gone
Chop him, ching him, get him gone
Active Gang, we way too on
Get round here tryna turn man off

[Verse: Suspect]
14 with a crack pack that's school of rock, like Jack Black
That's work in arse, no backpack
? just picked up 5 no blackjack, 4 door truck is ram-packed
H ready to slap that
Me, SY just itching to scratch that
I'm itching to ride
BA grippin' the 9, no 45, got his injury time
Every ?, they run like b*t*hes, or hide
They don't wanna hold this corn, or get bored with a zombie knife
He got bored way more than twice
I was hoping, he would die
Don't carе if the road is closed, we opеn doors and we open guys
We open doors, and we open fire
Left that block, with a smokey 9
I'm Sus but ? when I work the white
But feel like Bond, when I got my weapon
Razor, cling, that's bando gadgets
2 and a Q, that's Double O 7
My akhi not Al-Shabaab, ?, rise his wap
Active Gang, when he got whacked
I gave bro, a pat on the back
We both wanna be Montana
But I'm more like Tony ? Hannah
Like AR, knife or mazza
Step round there, and show who's badder
Pop them doors, see bare man scatter
I see everyone turn Usain
Get round there, don't care if it's bait
Shh and Shh left their mate
And watched from far, as he got shaved
Do it backroad or mains, do it backroad or mains
Active Gang do damage
And put light in cling
Got down Shh and he turned cabbage
That was an amazing ching, OT trips to rake it in
Serve everyone out like Bagel King
44 long and we make it spin
You don't wanna ? my gang
Zombie K not no normal shank
Anything in Peck I'll turn it pack
Ching his head, and his back
Ching his chest, I try and attempt
He grabbed my blade and said "there's feds"
150 pebs, that's 1000 back in ?
Zombies call for 3 on 3, bando look like Walking Dead
Pop them doors, they move so quick
I see man run and trip
S put him on the bonnet and the other S got to chopping
There's no way this beef is stopping
No way you'll see me on road or in jail, and I won't get sh*t popping
I will stamp in heads on the ?
Get man down, I ain't throwing a tantrum
Free Blitz, he loved that clashing
Free AR, you loved that splashing
Free CK, we're known for the action
Was ?, but now I'm back
Riding a lot, so boy you don't lack
Driver said "where we going?", I said "all of the pagan flats"
I'm way too eager to go, Peck we'll see you MBO
She'll put all my ?
But my minds on taking souls
But my minds on scoring goals
But money still on my mind, and Sus still on his grind
Im stuck in the trap like mice
Smoking zoots, there smoking pipes
Left the fight with a smoking 9

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