Money and Violence lyrics

Active Gxng

[Verse 1: Suspect]
In jail or road, you know I'm fully on ?
No blow for blow, just straight assaults
Or blood on pave, when I do road
Mum said "Are you gonna change?"
I told her "yes" but I'm thinking no
No way, can't be an average Joe
? so I can't be broke
Give her the d**k, she took control
She gave me throat, I made her choke
Ding-dong whip with serious ?
Dip, you ain't gonna make it home
Dip, splash man down, touch bones
Wet mans body and face
Way too nasty
Step to ? mention, I kwenged that face
RDS, the corn is live, the beef ain't dead
The block is hot, the streets are cold
Blade was black but now its red
What do you mean?
It don't matter, If its black or white like MJ
I make the zombies dance like Thriller
I got the samurai sword, like Sensei
So don't move weird, don't pree my guy
Bro got no chill, he'll ching your eye
Active Gang, we jump in rides to the other side, then make corn fly
Can't be my bro, if you say "Go ride" then change your mind
Cos ever since bro bro died
The beef won't die, till dem man die
And you might think we're similar, but I swear I ain't nuthin like dem
Cos I can't get stripped like him
And I can't get bullied in pen
I'm OT serving ?
? put 10 on my wrist like Ben
More like 20, 30, 40
But its waps and dat till den
Camdens baddest, Crackfest active
Im just itching to go scratch him
New 44, lets go and crash it
Rise it up, see all of them dashing
Zombie K, cos they won't die
Man do tour on the 1st and 5
Active Gang, the gang love riding
Trap and ? ,that's Money and Violence

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