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[?] killing

[Part 1: ML]
Bro came home
Now I gotta make sure he's eating good
Two in a Q and O
Break that down, we ain't pressing bujj
Invest in wood
Slap them bells like Boyz n the Hood
Shoulda seen bro on the ride that day
Shoulda seen the way that the drip got jooked, ey
I swear, I got beef with the trident
Me and bro on the ride, that's violence
Opp block, causing sirens
Light 'em, you know, I ain't into the fighting
Just got a call from Brian
Said he wants grub, come meet me outside, man
Trap phone stay on silent
Same way I'm out here doing these ridings
And thе wap just came so heavy
Two hands up when I slap that corn
I need a onе M like headie
Back that cheffy, Jason Bourne
In a trap house, still dawn
Bando baby, fresh, new born
Just got a twelve gauge back on the mains
Can't you see the way that It came all sawn
Can't f**k with the gringos, still hitting yankie
Right by the bingo
Bad B wan' f**k
Now she got this lingo
Trap so hard, get served out the window
Dot-dots flying, don't need reasons
Opp boys bleeding
Chicken and chips, they can hold that season
ZK's out and release my demon
Chat sh*t and you might get smoked
Oh sh*t, I mean you deffo get poked
Puff, puff, puff
Now you getting toked
Bun that down and swing on the roach
Now she got a taste of my opps
But is she gonna hold this Glock
Is she gonna slam them rocks
f**k all of that
b*t*h, give me a drop
Hey, double wrap that peb for your own saftey
Losing packs makes me go crazy
Don't be lazy
Little man, bank that for your own saftey
Bujj, same color as Jay-Z
White, same color as Maja
Get that gon, that's a whole new attire
Drip and drown, that's everything fire

[Part 2: Armz]
Can't lie, I'm p*ssed
I ain't killed not one of these kids
Last two years, bare them in Rizz
Thats four men down, may they rest in p*ss
On the block for a cheeky queffo
On the high role for a chicken and chips
Do it like bro, I dig it and twist
Or step like ten, it get crashed on wings
How can you say that you ain't involved
Dem man just claim their set
I'm a bandit and dem boy know
Don't lack in the 1-0-7
CT1, [?], AG
He got chinged, was screaming „Please!“
Had his lung gave up on bros mindi
Back then I allowed my cousin
Gang said „cool“, then packed his friend
Alarm bell going off in Tempz that side
Now he just got his arse kicked again
I know all of them, none of them bad
If I see them, that's nothing but drenched
Can't talk that Crud to me
Get put in a pot and shared with my friends
To talk on a full A-Pack
Pass it to AB, I don't smoke loud
I was in jail when they put him in Rizz
He thought he was bad, where is CeeMizz now
They see bandits, they all vanish
I call Neemz a heroin addict
The pussio will panic
And he turned package
All for a 2 [?] package
Ayo Armz
I don't rate these mugs
Try blast me, aim straight you c**ts
Parcel, parcel, yeah, the opps got lungs
This beef here can't end up dead
They ain't like us and we ain't like them
How can we give them props
When they chill with n***as who pack their friends

[Part 3: 2Smokeyy]
How dare man talk on my bredda
S45 had the opps on ropes
It's we who put a few in a grave, had the paigon boys digging up holes
I'll make that spin revolve, or the dot-dot gon' break man's bones
Got the Grim Reapers on my team
I'm p*ssed that I still ain't dropped me a soul
My lord knows, fam, wa-llāhi I'm trying
Done a drill ramaḍān, astaġfiru -llāh
I don't know why them man ain't dying
I beg man don't push my buttons
Cah man bang-bang and I'm f**king riding
Sliding bro, swerved on a group
Wind down the window in perfect timing
I love gliding cah it feels exciting
I heard they got waps in the Five
But they're burying that like they buried their bruce
Shoot, shoot, better rise that up for your f**king bruce
Was it NRBs or the AGBs?
Either way, still packing off yutes
I think my man drank Red Bull
Cah man got shot and he f**king flew
I got broski thinking he's Nelly
He said: „Get like me, I got body on me“
More time in the whizz with the dotty
Three guns in the car, who done it like we?
They give cheek, but the talk is cheap cah the last drill I done hit BBC
Broad day drills, but IDC
Cah you can't see me on CCTV

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