Fill It 2.0* lyrics

Active Gxng

Cheff man down until he stops moving (ching)
Still get a punch and booting
Man get p*ssed when I look at the news
I see his condition improving
I live a violent life, so it's right I only make violent music
Got that drop, but there's more of them than us
So it's the dots I'm choosing, ay
c*mbo, ding-dong cruising
Spot me an opp, and pray I don't lose him, juice him
Way we did it, was gruesome
Make him swim in blood that he's losing
Scoring, it will never get boring
Floor him, swing my shank and then bore him
Saw him hold his head and start balling
When it's war, I put my all in
On bored, his name is nine, we take him on tour
Free BA, he passed me in the fours
Thеn I said „love“ and gave him my sword

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