"7am In London"

It's 3M, know what i'm saying?
Toronto to the U.K
Shoutout my n***a bvlly
Shoutout 5ivebeatz

[Verse 1: French]
Loss is worth a lesson, how I turned it to a win
See i'm skinny wit' a blicky, how i'm flexing wit' no gym
And I dodged a couple raid, I changed my phone and switched my sim
And momma praying for me in this crazy world of sin
So how these n***as tryna slide when I got lenny by my wing
Wit' a thirty on his side and he won't hesitate to rinse
I'm that n***a on my block and b*t*h I grew up on the Finch
Steady sliding on your block, I haven't seen him ever since

[Verse 2: Bvlly]
And i'm like n***a don't do lacking for the fashion with them air pods
Magicians get to creepin' up and clappin' you won't hear none
Youngins came through lightin' up your block just like a flare gun
And look him in his eyes when he talkin', only fear God
Plug is downstairs, "Yo Frenchy can you bring him up?"
And if that work bad next time he comes I might stick him up
Leave him on the side of the road until they pick him up
And if I lose all of my dough she'll probably switch it up
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