$uper Mane lyrics


Can you imagine if Superman decieded to stop saving the world and started rappin' and trappin' and sh*t?
He'd be f**kin' made for it, ayy
Oi, look

[Verse 1]
Yo, when it come to me savin' the world, I'm especially qualified
Now that I'm rappin' and trappin' and sh*t, yo, you better be horrified
I get so sick of just flyin' around so just get me a proper ride
First, I'm removin' the cape and I'm swappin' the S for a dollar sign
This sh*t inside of me keep on remindin' me about the endin' of Rocky V
'Cause they don't want it at all, but wait till the end they evеntually gonna fight
This is my energy, this my chemically, I ain't gеnetically modified
You are my b*t*h, you're in the lowest lane, get it? Your level is not on mine
Understand I never met my maker
I got sick of bein' on my best behaviour so I went ahead and put my pen to paper
Understand with this lifestyle it ain't my world but a second nature
My f**kin' job's get my hustle on, I'm the Deli planet, how we gettin' paper

[Bridge 1]
I'm a boss dude, I hate cops too and I got moods, I live to fight
Makin' sure my whole costume though is not blue, no Kryptonite

[Verse 2]
Fly as f**k, gettin' higher up than a pilot does (Facts, facts)
Everythin' is gettin' gold now, I got the Midas touch (Facts, facts)
Shoot away and let the Uzi spray, I don't give a f**k what a rifle does
I don't fire guns but I'm cookin' 'em
But all I gotta do is look at 'em and light 'em up
And I'm sellin' em; every single type of drug
I'm tellin' em; look at what my iris does
For SE snitchin', see I got that X-ray vision
I can tell it if you're wired up
All you rappers ain't street (Nut up)
All you rappers ain't street (Shut up)
If you think you're hard, I will grab your head
I'll be makin' you eat (Gut up)
At my strongest at beat (Butter)
See your b*t*h, I'ma creep on her
I can make a b*t*h come quickly
My hand is moving like E Honda

[Bridge 2]
Yeah, we got that cash here, money, phone, that's a cashier (Cashier)
Yo, we using it till we gettin' paid first like a cashier

[Verse 3]
Yeah, you movin' grams that slow
I'ma f**k your boo, is that bad? No
After all the drugs that I sold ya boy
I'ma Superman that ho (Yule)

[Bridge 3]
No one is flyer than me, no one is flyer than me
I'm flyer (I'm flyer)
No one is higher than me, no one is higher than me
I'm fire (I'm fire)

Superman, now I'm moving grams, I am Superman
Superman, now I'm moving grams, now I'm moving grams
Superman, now I'm moving grams, now I'm moving grams
Superman, now I'm moving grams, I am Superman
Superman (Superman)
(I'm fire) I am Superman
Superman (Superman)
(I'm flyer) I am Superman
Superman (Superman)
(I'm higher) I am Superman
Superman (Superman)
(I'm fire) I am Superman
Superman (Superman)

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