Undead Ronin
[Verse 1]
It’s that Undead Ronin
With that Tanto
Slicing up yo face
Whisper in yo ear
Before I come to take your life tonight
No honor anymore
All of these bustas gonna pay
I cut they tongue out of their mouth
So they can’t talk that sh*t to me no more
I’m done with the bullsh*t
I’m done naming names
I'm about to turn a new leaf
And forget all of these lames
Get a good look at me b*t*h
Cause I’m the last thing you will see
It’s Ronin in the flesh
No f**kin strings are holding me
Back the f**k up
Pu**y b*t*hes want to start some beef
Get the f**k out of my DM’s
I ain’t got time for yo gamеs
Wakazashi in yo stomach
Fore’ I take a f**kin knee
Bow to god
I bow to no one
Cеrtainly not to you mane
I’m that solo flying prophet
That you see in the night
You see my eyes you boutta die
That tanto taking yo life
I shove it in yo body
Rip and tear it back out and then leave you
Bleeding on the F**king concrete
With your guts spilled out hoe
Nevertheless you gon go up to heaven
And tell em the devil is waiting for them
Slit yo throat and let it flood
A sacrifice is made for us
Empower me with spirits from the dark and ancient Realm of Blood
We don’t give a f**k about a human
So stop testing us