Undead Ronin
The Last Stand
Undead Ronin:

Popping out my crib and swinging blades around like Brutus
Got that evil in my veins that sleeper creepin we don’t play yuh
Got a motherf**ker tied up down inside my basement
If you wanna see yo family cooperate and listen b*t*h
Tip toe slow in the cover of the night sky
Pickin a f**kin busta to kidnap and make that f**ker cry
Fuel for the fire inside of my f**king brain
I live in pain bout everyday
So if you wanna pa** away you buck with me
Get back imma smack you with that bat
Liquid Ronin ain’t a demon but a nightmare from yo worst dreams
Gripping the f**kin tanto boutta threaten yo life
If you want freedom better do what I say and not f**k it up hoe
I’m about to cut you into piecеs with a blade
And put the body in a body bag and toss It in the rain
I don’t givе a f**k about no one you best not step to me
Coming to leave yo body laying in a pool of blood
Grimm and the Oni dig yo grave and toss yo body in it never seeing day

Grimm Sleeper:

Break a motherf**ker
Watch em tumble down the hill
Of the deceased bodies
That im dropping
Like a spartan
Keep it 300
Ima aim down my sight
F**k em up
With a bullet or a knife
Take your pick b*t*h
Feelin a bit scandalous
On the track
When im bussin all these shotz
Up at you motherf**kers
Grimm and Ronin we be creeping
Up on all these motherf**kers
I dont care what they be saying
I dont care what they be thinking
I'm runnin it up and I'm making a stain
Tell a motherf**ker what they really wanna know
Im breakin they bones and im taking they soul
I Drag em to hell and Im burnin the bodies of all of my foes
Dispose of you hoes
I dont give a f**k
Decapitate a busta motherf**ker
Leaving you locked up in the trunk
I dig your grave
And then i dump the body parts
I let em fall
Down the deepest pit of hell that I crawled out of
Motherf**kers gonna dwell up in my torture chamber
Burn em all up
Put they ashes in the blunt
Seal it shut
Never see the light of day