Undead Ronin
Undead Ronin/Shadow Puppet:
Digging it down your throat
When I pull up with a gat
Get f**ked
Better tuck
And i'm bringing the ruckus
Bringing out the blade with my scythe
And I sight them
I'm back b*t*h
Boy get back
Before you get smacked
When I pull up with the crew
You gonna soft up
How you gonna act like ya little but you coming like a posse
Motherf**ker with the head up like a sucker
Get back
Go, get back
Imma f**king smack your face with a bat
Skull crack on the concrete
I don't hear a heartbeat
Gonna plant your body f**king six feet deep
Going to be gunning with the homies
And wе coming rolling bodies
Bout to bury bloody mary
With the blood up on my face
Wе about to murder everybody
Snap like pane
Laughing like the joker when I cut my f**king pain
Suicidal thoughts hit the road
When I'm tamed
F**k with me
B*t*h i'm going insane
Leave that sh*t
I Never look back b*t*h
Open my head
Better take a ten strip
When I trip
Gonna click then I clip back and I
Dude can't talk properly