Undead Ronin
Kill Them All
It’s the time for murder
Talk that shit
Yo teeth gon meet the curb tonight
I’m itching for a body
Run yo lips
Yo ribs shatter by pipe
Speaking all this out yo neck
And imma send yo ass to heck
You pray to god to save yo life
But The reaper still takes the light
Running from a killa
Get yo skull split with the blade
I’m creepin lurking through the night
I’m Stalking bustas to decapitate
Levitate above the street
And say that I will decimate
Humanity for being nothing
But worthless so take a seat
Shadow the wizard of murdering fuck boys
Watch yo fucking tone
All of y’all just some fucking clones
You better get out of my zone
Dxathsquad on thе come up
Step up
Do not Put yo fucking fist up
You are tеmpting fate
So quit the hate
Cause I won’t fucking hesitate
Load the Glock with hollow tips
And put it to yo dome
You make but a peep
And your brains will be seeping
Out of your own skull
From a hole and now you are deceased
Shadowmane Leave you in pieces
Rest in fucking piss
You all bark and got no bite
You thinking twice
I’ll end your life
Cause imma
Violence in the street
No mercy stab them till they cannot bleed
Murder murder in my head all day
It’s like a canopy
I cannot sleep
Fills me with all this agony
Try to overthrow the king
Blades will enter your cavity
These bustas always talking shit
They think that they know everything
Tie their wrists and break their legs
And watch them beg “have mercy please”
I ain’t got the time for this
I’ll send them to the dark abyss
Shadow grip the scythe
And take the life of blasphemers today
Listen to this and get buck
I’m bringing out this dirty phonk
Bow to the phantom
And you’ll see the light of day you punk
I Got no problem laying anybody in my trunk
With the shovel make you dig a grave
And you’ll see god if you have faith
Down in hell you’ll burn in flames
And Tied up with your limbs with chains
Lucifer laughs in your face
And cracks it open with a mace
You are a fucking disgrace
I’ll bring out all this fucking pain
Say my name it’s Shadowmane
So say it or I’m gonna fucking