Undead Ronin
Imma rip off all yo motherf**king flesh
Make you beg for yo life
As you make a f**kin mess mane
Get the f**k outta my way
Unless you wanna meet yo maker
Get a hold of my blade
And pierce yo skull then rip away
Creepin in the night
Got a victim in my sight
Might torture this one slowly
Less they pick a f**kin fight
No way you gon get away
Rip out all yo vertebrae
Toss you to the flames
And head on out to plot another prey
I am done f**king around with these stupid mo’f**kers
They talk and they talk
But they don’t make sense
Now they wanna f**kin ridе my sh*t
You gonna get a fist in yo face
If you are stеpping to me
Get back motherf**ker get back
And I’ll let you f**kin leave

Imma make you take a motherf**kin dirt nap
Never awaken from the slumber
After I bust a cap
All yo brains splattered on the f**kin gra**
Go back to my house and make another beat
So I can relax
I’m done with the drama
Solve yo own sh*t b*t*h
Swing that bat upside yo head
If you want to start more sh*t
I don’t play these games
Imma motherf**king king
Look up In the f**kin sky
If you think that you gonna make it out
You ain’t going anywhere
Flesh I’m boutta rip and tear
Dwelling in the void until it’s time to take yo soul beware
Prayers ain’t gon do sh*t
Save you that’s some bullsh*t
God ain’t real cause I am
I killed that b*t*h so take a sit