Undead Ronin
[Shade Apollo]
I got drip, not talkin’ ‘bout my fit you b*t*h
The blood on my scythe, death stench potent
Turn you poltergeist, your soul floatin’
See my shadow in the night, the worst omen
Was born to end lives, I was chosen
Reaper in real life, so take notice
Slip up, your whole life form stolen
Bones piled up from opponents
The locusts have come, pestilence has begun
Hell’s bells have been rung, it is Death I’ve become
Can’t escape if you run, cause chaos for fun
Fat lady hath sung before she was hung
From the gallows
Leave Earth swarming with shadows
Of demons, I’ve refused to feed ‘em for this very reason
They hungry, starvin’, fiendin’
Evil spirits hauntin’, screamin’
Dream of Hell on Earth, I’m schemin’
Leave the population bleedin’
I see havoc and I’m cheesin’
Redefine the meaning of destruction
When apocalypse comes, I wanna be the f**king reason

Never did you ever stand a chance
Your fate is chosen by these hands
No need to take a second glance
Your body language says it all
You wanna dance
Tonight I end your life
I make a stand for what I believe
To be the right thing
Gonna leave you lifeless
You ain’t gonna like this
But the sun will always shine down on me
I’m the righteous
I am the righteous
So open wide and say goodbye