Undead Ronin
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Roni- Roni- Ronin (Ronin, Ronin, Ronin)

Take a gaze into my knowledge
You can’t handle what I know
I’m a motherf**king creature
Lurkin with the f**kin tone
Point blank imma bust yo f**kin face up
Skinny white boy with a tanto better shape up
B*t*h you marked down on my motherf**king sh*t list
First things first
There’s the door if you ain’t bout this
I’m gonna swing this sword and if you get hit you gon bleed out and then die
I don’t show no mercy no more
On account of all the times
I’ve been f**ked over by these people
That I thought were my friends
And I do not trust nobody but myself
So hit the f**kin curb
No more will I be a puppet
No morе will I be duckin
I’m buckin up all of my foes
Beforе they knew they kicked the bucket
I’m an animal
I’m a demon b*t*h
Hiding my aggression so you don’t know when I’m boutta strike yo face
With that wakizashi blade
Spill yo brain on the floor
Cut in half yeah I’m insane
It’s that Magick motherf**ker that you fear
Run in terror from me
Trip scream and you’re yellin that I’m here
Nobody can hear you begging for you life
These walls are thicker than yo ego
Maybe learn to back away
Instead of acting tough cause you a b*t*h
A** motherf**ker acting high and mighty
When you nothing but a little b*t*h and can’t live without drugs and sh*t
I’m sick of all these games
You steady f**kin play
Put the blade up to your throat and watch the light fade from yo eyes