Undead Ronin
[Producer Tag]
Roni- Roni- Ronin (Ronin, Ronin, Ronin)

[Verse 1 Undead Ronin]
Bitch stand down
I already have the crown
Ain’t no way you gonna take it from me
You are just a clown ass motherfucker
Talkin that shit
You running yo lip
But ain’t got the balls to be stepping to me
I’ll leave yo ass an amputee
I’m a motherfucking warlord
Leave you with my four swords
Piercing through your body
Imma turn into the overlord
Resort to murdering all of these bustas
They don’t know how to quit it
And chill cause they hoes mane
Stepping to the ronin
That is yo last decision
Cut through one two three of you fuckin fools
I don’t fuckin play
I just slay all of these lames
Maybe Prove yo self to me
And maybe you won’t taste my fuckin blades
[Verse 2 SADISTIC]
Switchblade tucked in my mother fuckin waistband
Put it to ya neck
Then i take your fuckin shit
You a bitch
Runnin lip
Keep on talkin and you gonna meet tha reaper
Bitch my nina she a heater
And she don’t care
Blastin bustas
Killin bitches
Bodies layin everywhere
From the bushes I be scopin
Feel the demons start to stare
Hear em fucking whispering
I cannot even straight
Pull the trigger
Ronin slice em wit tha mother fuckin blade
Get back bitch
I got spirits in my gun
Bouta blast on yo ass
Bitch i’m killin just for fun
Love the rush that I get
From bustin them fuckin hollow tips
Wig spilt, blood drips
You know I fuckin love that shit