Undead Ronin
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Roni- Roni- Ronin (Ronin, Ronin, Ronin)

Demons inside of my head
They force me to do their bidding
But when leave my body mane
The feeling remains
So imma kill all who oppose me
You are just a pu**y
Dump yo body off
And then I’m coming for yo family
I am the one that you see in yo dreams
Red eyes glow bright
In the darkness that you see
When you awake from yo nightmare see the mask hover above yo face
Then the tanto pierces in yo flesh
And you can’t make a f**kin sound no more
Paralyzed in the fear
Twist and turn till yo еnd draws near
Imma creature from thе underworld
Boutta disappear
When you see my f**kin face you freeze and shed a single tear
I am the one that you labeled a freak
Ain’t fit in anywhere but lone
Until I made to to here
And imma make sure that I stay hoe
Bleed you till you die hoe
F**king round with me I peel yo flesh
And make you cry hoe
Demons from my worst dreams
Come to take ahold of me
Bring me to the end of the world
And show me what I see
God is dead
And the world is burning
The fissures broke the crust of hell
And let the demons take over the earth
I don’t give a f**k no more
These puny f**kin mortals have proven
To be nothing but problematic motherf**kers
If they stepping to me
I’m gonna make them f**king bleed
Toss them down a f**king crater
Into lava I am free